1. The Commitment to Academic Excellence:
To support the academic progress of every student-athlete toward intellectual development and graduation.

Jacksonville University and the JU Department of Athletics is committed to providing the most efficient and effective academic support for all student-athletes. The academic support staff monitors the academic progress of all student-athletes to ensure that they are meeting NCAA and university rules and regulations.

JU’s support program includes:

Academic Advising

One of the most important keys to academic success is appropriate course selection and scheduling. The JU Academic Advising Center employs advisors to help student-athletes through the education process. Each student-athlete is assigned a faculty advisor once the student declares a major and their advisor should assist them in the registration process prior to each semester. The benefit to this system is that the advisor will be able to give the student an in-depth look at any and all requirements for their particular degree. The student-athlete services staff will also assist in communicating with each student-athlete to ensure all NCAA academic requirements are met each year.

Student-Athlete Study Hall

Study hall is a monitored program designed to provide freshman student-athletes with a structured study and tutoring time to successfully acclimate these students to the rigorous academic demands of college. Returning student-athletes may also be placed into the study hall program by student-athlete services staff or coaches.

Study Hall hours include:

• Study time recorded in monitored study hall
• Tutoring or mentoring sessions
• Team study hall hours
• Approved hours outside of monitored study hall

Tutorial Services

Tutors are available to assist student-athletes in all subject areas. Individual or small group sessions can be arranged with content experts assigned by the JU Student Support Services office or personally requested by the student-athlete. For more information on tutoring services, including a current tutoring schedule, visit the JU Student Support Services webpage.


The student-athlete development staff meets with student-athletes, individually and in groups, regarding academic, athletic, career, and/or personal issues. Student-athletes are encouraged to meet with the staff early each semester to set up an individualized study and time management plan. Other common discussion topics include note taking, proactive planning, learning strategies, test-taking skills, and personal responsibility.

STAAR Program- The Student-Athlete Academic Recovery program is designed to extensively monitor academic progress throughout the semester in order to maximize academic potential. This program has been put in place to assist student-athletes who have less than a 2.25 cumulative GPA or anyone who the academic support staff or coaches feel would benefit from the program.

Travel Laptop Program

While away from campus for competition, student-athletes can check out a laptop from the Advising Center to complete assignments or papers on the road. Calculators are also available to checkout each semester from student-athlete services staff members (both are subject to availability)

Travel Letters

Student-Athlete Services staff ensures that student-athletes receive a travel letter each semester that includes the dates and times of travel for the entire semester. Providing faculty with a travel letter at the beginning of the semester allows for each student-athlete to engage in a conversation with his or her professors about travel dates that may conflict with exams, assignments, or other course requirements. Advisors follow up with faculty as needed regarding student-athlete travel or other extenuating personal circumstances that may cause a student-athlete to be absent from class.

Missed Class Worksheets-These forms are given to each student-athlete at the beginning of each semester with the intention of providing students with an outlook on how many classes/assignments they will miss due to required team travel. This should lead to a proactive approach by each student-athlete to meet and discuss their options with professors of classes which will be most affected by missed classes.

Monthly Newsletter

Student-athlete Services will distribute monthly newsletter to all student-athletes which contains pertinent academic/athletic information which will keep students abreast to any or all critical dates throughout the semester.