4. The Commitment to Service:
To engage every student-athlete in service to campus and community.

Community outreach seeks to engage every student-athlete with opportunities to give back to campus and to surrounding communities. Involvement in community service not only makes a difference in other people’s lives, but it also helps student-athletes to develop leadership qualities, enhance their interpersonal skills, and broaden their perspective beyond the collegiate campus.

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee serves as the primary vehicle to coordinate and implement community outreach activities, but all student-athletes and coaches are involved in community efforts. Click here to learn more about the JU Athletic Advisory Committee

Some examples of Dolphin community service initiatives include:

• Elementary/middle school mentoring programs
• Public speaking engagements
• National Student-Athlete Day
• Participation in adaptive sports programs
• Children’s hospital visitations
• American Cancer Society Relay for Life
• School supply drive
• Monthly “Daniel Days” in partnership with Daniel Memorial