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For more than a decade the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute has been providing first-rate care to the community of northeast Florida and beyond as well as the Dolphins' primary source of medical coverage. Each JOI doctor is an experienced, board-certified or board-eligible physician surrounded by an expert support team. JOI is recognized as the region's leading orthopaedic practice for several reasons. First, our size and strength allows for a larger depth of knowledge. Our physicians are both generally and specialty trained. That means no matter how common or obscure your problem, we have the capability to offer the best treatment. Secondly, JOI doesn't just make a diagnosis and formulate the treatment plan, we remain involved throughout the healing process to ensure the fastest, healthiest and most complete recovery possible. From outpatient care to unsurpassed rehabilitation facilities, virtually all the resources you'll need for recovery are available under the JOI umbrella. Better still, with many area locations, visiting JOI is extremely convenient, too.

JOI is proud to offer you among the highest quality, ultra-modern MRI facilities in the area. And remember, even the best technology is only as good as the people operating it, so we make sure our MRI staff is as exemplary as our state-of-the-art equipment. We use our MRI to help diagnose any number of problems in the joints, spine and beyond, including arthritic conditions. With three OPEN MRI centers available, JOI has done everything possible to ensure each patient's experience is as pleasant as possible. Seeking an MRI through JOI also offers unmatched convenience. At JOI, we own and operate our own facilities. That means, unlike other MRI centers, you won't be squeezed in with countless other patients from various doctors across the area. At JOI, you will always receive priority scheduling and true personal attention.

The result is coordinated, seamless care and, consequently, the best possible outcome. No wonder the Jacksonville Jaguars and Jacksonville University continue to choose JOI as their official sports medicine partner. We are proud to offer the best in orthopaedic care for our patients.

Dr. R. Steven Lucie
Medical Director
Dr. Carlos Tandron
Senior Associate Team Physician
Dr. Steven Crenshaw
Senior Associate Team Physician
Dr. Kevin Kaplan
Associate Team Physician