FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2006
INSIGHT: Your Love by The Outfield

May 12, 2006


The Southerner and The Surfer

Joel Lamp (a native of Alabama) and Josh Ellis (a native of California) discuss the hot topic of the day in the JU athletics department:

The smash hit from The Outfield in 1985, "Your Love", rocketed up the charts and has been one of the most played songs to come out of the 1980s. The song has received a renaissance this season at Alexander Brest Field as the JU baseball team runs onto the field with song blasting through the public address system.

JOEL LAMP: Josh...with the baseball team doing so well, I really think a tribute to The Outfield is in order. Your Love is quite possibly one of the most underrated songs of the entire 1980s. Think about has a catchy instrumental section, great words and a guy singing at a high pitch that everyone tries to pull off in their car when they are alone (Right? Everyone does that too, don't they?).

Is there another 1980s song that is more underrated than this song? And surely there couldn't be a better song for the team to take the field on?

JOSH ELLIS: question. The most ironic thing is my own personal re-awareness of the song before it was mentioned by the baseball team. I was listening to the radio and Your Love by The Outfield came on. It was a song that I had forgotten about but when I heard that first ripping chord in my speakers, it all came back to me. From then on, I was bound and determined to either burn the song or hear it again on the radio. So when one of the players told me their intro song was going to be Your Love, I knew if was going to be a good season. The story hits all the levels. It's the Six Degrees of Separation for every person who grew up in the 80's (which is also strange that our players would choose it because they were born in the 80's).

JOEL LAMP: That's what is amazing...most of these guys were like 1 or 2 when the CD came out (for you music junkies out there -- it is Play Deep, 1985).

In doing the research for this, I also forget they had another great 80s song from my youth -- For You (yeah guys, you know it was that song that you were slow dancing to at the high school dances). You can listen to that song live by visiting their offical home page.

Josh, don't think The Outfield has gone away either. They are still alive and kicking...touring the country right now with the release of their new album "Any Time Now" (it is truly amazing the power of the Internet and a shameless plug for their CD, which is available now at the nearest Sam Goody). Other interesting facts about The Outfield - they are from London...and started playing as "The Baseball Boys" in the early 80s. Three guys who made some pretty good music, er, still making pretty good music.

The really funny thing to think about is the whole pre-game CD. Think about the complete contrast in music we have going during BP. We go from country with Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney, to hard rock (I apologize up front, I don't know of any of the groups that we play) and then, right before we go onto the field, we play Your Love (which might be the closest thing to the middle of that musical spectrum).

I'm starting the campaign now to have The Outfield to play at the banquet. How great would that be? Would they even come?

JOSH ELLIS: I have a feeling no matter who you are, you are going to show up to a banquet where "Your Love" is playing. Of course I would wait until the song is over and then leave. It's like going to a Night Ranger concert. As soon as they play "Sister Christian" the place empties (don't pretend like you don't know the song -- it was in the scene during "Boogie Nights" when the fellas go to the wacko's house to rob him. But not before we hear a classic montage about the beauty of cassette tapes). I guess it's pretty smart that they don't play the song until there are at least two encores (unfortunately I went to a concert of theirs three years ago).

As far as the pre-gamer goes, I'm not that surprised about the mix of music. If you have a baseball team in which everyone likes the same style of music (not including "Your Love" of course), you've got some serious problems. What makes our team so great is the unique personalities that make up the backbone of the squad. No one is the same, the music should be the same way.

(After a short pause, my eyes light up...)

Wait a minute, how bout this for a thought...I am going to impose a decree that if the Dolphins win the A-Sun Tournament, I am going to have "Your Love" playing as we storm the field (even if I can't get Jamie Bataille [the Stetson SID] to play it, I will carry my own boom box). And even better, if we make it to the College World Series, we have The Outfield play a concert at Alexander Brest Field, right before they get on the bus for Omaha. I smell a winner Joel. Get The Outfield on the phone.

JOEL LAMP: I will...I don't know if I have their number though. Isn't 867-5309?