Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith begins his second season as the team’s Director of Football Operations which keeps him busy with duties both on and off the field.

Smith was named to the position in August of 2010 following working as a graduate assistant working primarily with the offense -- specifically helping with quarterbacks.

“He has continued to grow,’’ head coach Kerwin Bell said. “We hired him on full time and I tell you what, he’s got as much character as you’ll ever find on a person. He works extremely hard at his job; he does a lot of things for us.’’

In his current role, Smith is responsible for on-campus administrative duties, such as working with compliance, and continues his coaching duties on both the varsity and junior varsity levels.

Smith arrived at JU in 2007 as an intern while a student at the University of Florida. He received his degree in Sports Management that year.

Smith graduated from Mayo Lafayette High School in 2003 prior to enrolling at Florida.

He is single and lives in Jacksonville.

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