Junior Varsity Team Information

The Junior Varsity football program has been designed to identify and develop student-athletes who will progress both academically and athletically and will have a positive impact on the athletic program. Our intent is to forge a team that consists of incoming freshman and continuing students already attending Jacksonville University. The purpose for the Junior Varsity team is twofold: First, it provides an opportunity and potential home for prospective student-athletes who may have been overlooked in the recruiting process but feel as though they are capable of playing at the Division I FCS level. Secondly, it is a major asset to our football program in providing coaches with the opportunity to develop young student-athletes during their transition to a potential spot on the Varsity roster.

Player Expectations:
• The JV team will be operated under NCAA Division I FCS rules and regulations.
• The JV team plays a three to six game schedule every season against good competition around the Southeast. The majority of JV games are played on Mondays.
• The JV team will run the same system and schemes as the varsity team.
• Individual practices for the JV team will be held from 3 to 4 p.m. (student-athletes should schedule classes accordingly). The JV team will then stay out for the majority of each varsity practice which starts at 4 p.m.
• Weight lifting schedules can change every semester. In the event a football player cannot make a scheduled lifting time, the strength and conditioning staff will provide a strength and conditioning packet and can work-out anytime in the weight room on campus.
• JV players may be moved to the varsity squad by the coaches at any point during the year.
• JV players will be provided all necessary football equipment to compete.
• JV players will have access to study hall and tutors.