Quarterbacks reign supreme at scrimmage
The Dolphins’ platoon of quarterbacks dominated today’s scrimmage, completing 34 passes for 553 yards and five touchdowns. The defense made up for the concession of yardage through the air by shutting down the offense’s running game, allowing just 100 yards on 38 carries.

Head coach Kerwin Bell’s main focus for the scrimmage was capitalizing on sudden changes during a game. He positioned the offense on its own five yard line, thirty and the opponents thirty to simulate turnovers and unexpected possessions.

“We did better today than last week,” Bell said. “Our quarterbacks and offensive linemen played much smarter and the defense was flying around as usual. It was really important for us to work on these sudden changes in the game because they’re always going to come up and you have to capitalize on them. I think we responded very well to these and we’re ready to start the season.”

A crowd of around 130 fans waited out the hour-long rain delay before the start of the scrimmage and would have been glad they stuck around. Sophomore quarterback Josh McGregor completed ten passes for 269 yards and three touchdowns with a large portion coming from a 95-yard touchdown completion to sophomore Larry Thompson, his only reception of the game. Thompson made the most of a seven-yard out-route by breaking a tackle and weaving his way into the end zone.

Junior Erik Stepelton also impressed, stringing together two straight passes for 67 yards, resulting in a touchdown, his second of the day. Stepelton ended the day with four completions for 103 yards.

Not to be outdone, the JU defense showed signs of the domination from last week with 21 tackles for loss, nine sacks and four safety’s. Their highlight of the game came when DB Charles Griffin caught WR Michael Henzie offguard on a crossing pattern and delivered a huge hit, lifting Henzie off his feet and into the ground.

The wide receiving corps took full advantage of the accurate passing as four receivers totaled 50 yards or more. Thompson led the way, followed by Henzie (88 yards), Joshua Philpart (61) and tight end Christopher Kuck (52).

Defensive special teams also proved to be quite a handful for the field goal unit as they blocked two kicks, recovering one ten yards behind the line of scrimmage.

The Dolphins’ first game of the season comes on Sept. 5 at Webber International. The first home game of the season will be against Old Dominion on Sept. 19.