Monday Practice Report
Some standout efforts spiced Monday’s practice as the team continued installation and moves toward both full pads and some two-a-days. Coach Kerwin Bell said about 80 percent of the install is complete.

The Big Picture: Coach Kerwin Bell said about 80 percent of the install is complete ant the next weight to 10 days will be “critical.’’ Tuesday will be the first day in full pads with a little team action slated toward the end of the session.

The Highlights: Plenty. Freshman K Blake Myregaard connected on the first real pressure kick of camp when he hit a 35-yarder after coaches called for it to be a “game winner’’ … Anybody kicking a ball. Besides Myregaard, each place kicker and punter had shining moments and freshman P Garrett Mohr had some eyebrow raising corner kicks … QB Josh McGregor and WR Josh Philpart beat double coverage and connected on a 40-yard TD … Freshman QB Trevius Folston and WR Larry Thompson found a seam in a zone and were good on another long pass … Both DB Colby Walden and S Ed Foley came up with interceptions.

From The Players: K Blake Myregaard on his pressure kick: “It means a lot for anyone who is out here because we’re all battling for position (he, Bladen Gudz and Dallas Stubbs) and we’re all doing well. When we get our reps we’ve got to make them count and when we do it’s that much more important.’’ On being a freshman in the college game: “This is much more difficult than I expected, I was a little overwhelmed at first, but I love it now.’’

From The Coaches: Coach Kerwin Bell on the team’s status: “After three or four days of practice we’ve got about 80 percent of our stuff in. We’ve done a lot of installation on both sides of the ball. Some young guys’ heads are swimming but the veterans have come back really in good shape, they’re handling everything we are throwing at them and they are picking up on everything that we’ve worked on the last year or two here. The first two or three days the priority is to install as much as possible and then get the tempo going as much as possible. I feel good about where we’re at and now we’ve got to hone in on our assignments a little more and be more detailed. This next eight to 10 days is going to be that process.’’