JU Football Season Outlook: The Running Backs
J.J. Laster (8) averaged 8.5 yards per carry last season.
J.J. Laster (8) averaged 8.5 yards per carry last season.
Fifth in a series Unit coach: Kerry Webb

Overview: Despite the loss of running back Rudell Small and his 1,145 rushing yards, the Dolphins may be stronger in this area than in the recent past. RBs J.J. Laster (810 yards, 8.5 average) and Keith Dawson are a solid one-two punch and fullback Hank Farmer is rapidly finding his way at a new position. The top backs are what Webb considers every down players as they all can run, block and catch.

Key Returners: RB J.J. Laster, RB Keith Dawson.

Key Losses: RB Rudell Small, FB Jarvis Williams.

Promising Newcomers: FB Hank Farmer (position change), RB Johnnie Hicks, RB Jarrius Lindsey and Tyler Peak.

Unit Strengths: Both depth and the ability of all key running backs to pick up the blitz and block and they can all catch the ball. All four are every down players that do all three phases well.

Unit Weaknesses: Not having a proven fullback. Farmer is improving but hasn’t played the position in a game.

Coach’s Quote: “I feel very good about our depth and with Laster and Dawson we have two guys not only with game experience but they’ve been with us four years.’’

-- Jim Nasella