JU football preseason camp: Day 3

Aug. 10, 2006

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - With a heat index of 101 degrees, Day Three was littered with physical play and some stellar offensive and defensive plays. After stretching, the four freshmen attempted PAT's for the first time before continuing the punting tryouts. The offense and defense split off for inside competition between the linemen while the skill players went against each other through the air. For the last half of practice, the receivers and defensive backs traded big plays in 7-on-7 drills before ending the day with team competition and conditioning. The squad will continue to practice in shorts and helmets until Saturday, Aug. 12. The following is some highlights and quotes from Day 3:

PAT/FG: All four freshmen were perfect on extra-point attempts. Senior corner Bryan Flowers blocked one attempt and two plays were ruined by a bad snap and a fumbled hold.

Punt team: The punting position continued as freshman Chris Smith (Winter Haven, Fla.), Donovan Curry (Gainesville, Fla.), Brett Buxbaum (Orlando, Fla.) and Joseph Recktenwald (Deland, Fla.) each attempted six more punts. Smith finished with the highest average (41.0 yds/punt) while also booting a session-long 46 yards on his first attempt. Curry was second (35.2 yds/punt) with a boot of 42 yards in his second attempt. Recktenwald was third (32.3 yds/punt) with a long of 36 yards but had two punts blown due to high snaps. Buxbaum had an average of 32.2 yards per kick with a long of 36 yards but also had a fumbled snap and a partial block.

Inside (O-Line vs. D-Line) & 7-on-7: On the Inside side of the field, senior nose guard Ryan Young recovered a fumble. Senior running back Jerry Brant rushed outside for a touchdown. Senior running back Bryan Gamble scored a touchdown on consecutive carries up the middle. Redshirt freshman running back Anthony Catalano rushed for a touchdown. Sophomore linebacker Brett Bonds made a stop at the line. Freshman defensive lineman Raymond Gault made a line of scrimmage stop. Junior defensive tackle Kiel Pierce made a stop. WR vs. DB - Redshirt freshman quarterback Chance Wilms went 5-for-10 with a 40-yard touchdown to redshirt freshman receiver Sam Bell. He also threw an interception to sophomore corner Robson Noel. Junior quarterback Jason Hohensee went 3-for-9 with a 40-yard touchdown to sophomore receiver Geavon Tribble. Freshman quarterback Ken Latessa finished 4-for-7 with a 40-yard touchdown to freshman receiver Bryan Jackson. Tribble also made a nice leaping catch for 35 yards.

Senior running back Jerry Brant: "The running backs are looking alright through the first few days of camp. We have some freshmen that are learning some things plus the older guys are trying to work out the rust spots. We are coming along pretty good though.

"Coach Ferguson brings a slightly different approach this season because he has a well rounded background at each level for running backs. Right now we're trying to take everything he knows and make a good, complete back.

"Having a lot of veterans returning on offense has gotten us off to a faster start this year. Normally the offense takes longer to get thing going than the defense, but so far, we are slightly ahead in our progression. We have the ability to do a lot of fine tuning in camp so it will be a great advantage to us when the season starts. Having Chris as our starting quarterback coming into camp also helps our development because we know what to expect every time we go out there."

Skeleton Session (7-on-7 - O vs. D): FIRST ROUND: Horton completed a pair of passes to junior receiver Michael Jenner. Noel broke up one of his pass attempts. SECOND ROUND: Wilms went 2-for-4 in the session with a long of 15 yards to freshman receiver Cameron Abdallah. THIRD ROUND: Freshman quarterback John Solak completed a pass to Tribble for seven yards. Solak's final two attempts were broken up by freshman corners Roosevelt Marks and A.J. Bergman. FOURTH ROUND: Latessa completed 2- of-3 passes for 12 yards (freshman receiver Chad Oubre & Abdullah). FIFTH ROUND: Horton looked sharp while completing 5-of-7 passes, including a 40- yard touchdown to Jenner.

Junior linebacker Joey Rumph: "The linebackers are looking good and we're excited to be out on the field. We have two freshmen trying to learn the system but they are playing well. We're still trying to get things tight right now, but overall, we are looking forward to starting the year.

"The coaches made an emphasis on turnovers to begin camp and so far we have been making plays. We had three turnovers yesterday and two today. Our goal is to create at least three turnovers in every practice. We need the safeties to be ball hawks, the linebackers need to cause the fumbles and the lineman need to pick up the fumbles.

"I'm the most experienced linebacker out here this season but I've always been a vocal leader out on the field. I'm the guy who is always yelling things at everyone, so it's not a hard transition for me. My job is to keep the guys up and make sure the intensity level is always high."

The Dolphins will return to the practice field at 3 p.m. on Friday.

Key Dates:

August 12 - First practice in pads, 3:00 p.m.
August 17 - Media/Picture Day: 1 p.m. at Milne Field
August 18 - First scrimmage, 2:30 p.m.
August 21 - First day of classes
September 2 - First game vs. Gardner-Webb at 7:30 p.m.