Football preseason camp: Day 6A

Aug. 13, 2006

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It was time for a cool change this morning as Day Six presented the Dolphins with 80 degree weather and overcast skies. Starting off with position training, the wide receivers and corners did some 7-on-7 work before moving into group. The coaching staff put both sides of the ball in situational spots through most of the practice and the four freshmen attempted some more punts before some light conditioning. The squad will return to the field at 7 p.m. The following is some highlights and quotes from Day 6A:

Skeleton Session (7-on-7 - O vs. D): FIRST ROUND: Junior quarterback Chris Horton went 3-for-4 with completions to junior receiver Michael Jenner, sophomore receiver Geavon Tribble and a nice sliding grab by freshman receiver Chad Oubre. SECOND ROUND: Junior quarterback Jason Hohensee went 2- for-4 with passes to senior receiver Edrian Rogers and freshman receiver Sam Bell. THIRD ROUND: Freshman John Solak went 2-for-4 with both throws going to freshman receiver Matthew Bryant, including a nice sideline grab. Freshman corner Kyle Fail broke up a pass during the session. FOURTH ROUND: Freshman quarterback Ken Latessa went 1-for-2 with a strike to Bell. The defense came up with a coverage sack during the session. FIFTH ROUND: Horton went 2-for-3 with both passes going to Rogers. SEVENTH ROUND: Hohensee went 0-for-2.

Team Blitz (Offense vs. Defense): FIRST ROUND: Horton went 1-for-3 with a nice 20-yard strike to Jenner. Sophomore corner Robson Noel broke up a pass. Senior nose guard Ryan Young and junior linebacker Joey Rumph combined for a sack. SECOND ROUND: Freshman quarterback Chance Wilms hooked up with freshman running back Anthony Catalano on a screen pass to score a touchdown. THIRD ROUND: Belcher looked sharp by going 3-for-3 with a nice 30- yard strike to Bryant and also completions to Tribble and freshman receiver Ricky Cantartesi. FOURTH ROUND: Hohensee completed a pass to freshman receiver A.J. Burgman. Freshman defensive lineman Raymond Gault had a sack.

3rd and 8 (Offense vs. Defense): FIRST ROUND: Sophomore running back Cecil Coltrane scampered for 17 yards for a first down. Junior defensive end Sean Heverin and freshman linebacker Sean Crowley made a stop at the line. Horton completed a 15-yard pass to freshman receiver Cameron Abdullah. SECOND ROUND: Solak completed a 30-yard pass to Bryant. Senior defensive lineman Jason Greenwood blew up a screen pass attempt.

3rd and 6 (Offense vs. Defense): FIRST ROUND: The defense held a for a three-yard gain. SECOND ROUND: Latessa went 0-for-4, including a break up by sophomore linebacker Winston Ward. Heverin and Young combined for a tackle at the line.

Punt: The punting position continued as freshman Chris Smith (Winter Haven, Fla.), Donovan Curry (Gainesville, Fla.), Brett Buxbaum (Orlando, Fla.) and Joseph Recktenwald (Deland, Fla.) each got four reps under live pressure. Recktenwald took top averages for the day (42.3 yds/punt) with a long of 50 yards. Buxbaum was second (38.5 yds/punt) with a long of 45 yards. Curry finished with a long of 42 yards and averaged 35.7 yards per punt. Smith netted 29.5 yards per punt with a long of 37 yards. Bryant blocked a punt attempt during the session.

2nd and 8 (Offense vs. Defense): FIRST ROUND: Horton rushed for six yards before the offense stalled with a fumbled snap. SECOND ROUND: Junior defensive end Mirco Zanella made a stop behind the line. Wilms completed a 10-yard pass to Catalano to get the first down. THIRD ROUND: Belcher went 0-for-2 but his second attempt was slightly tipped by Ward with a wide open Abdullah streaking up the seam. FOURTH ROUND: Senior running back Jerry Brant made it look easy with a 40- yard touchdown run. FIFTH ROUND: Solak completed a 12-yard pass to Cantartesi for the first down. SIXTH ROUND: Catalano rushed for 12 yards and a first down. SEVENTH ROUND: Horton went 0-for-2. EIGHTH ROUND: Sophomore linebacker Brett Bonds and freshman defensive end Sean Davis made a stop at the line. Wilms' pass was incomplete to give the defense a second-straight stop.

Receivers coach Scott Hughes: "I came to JU because I wanted an opportunity to move up. I enjoyed my time at Glenville State (Division II), and we won a lot of ballgames, but I wanted to work at the next level. My ultimate goal is to get back to my alma mater. Virginia Tech. so I just need to keep moving up.

"My philosophy with receivers is that I want a combination of finesse and toughness. The receiver position is very graceful, but I want a guy who will run block because that proves that he is tough enough to catch a ball across the middle. It's a lonely position because you are on an island by yourself out there.

"The offensive system is a little different but I like how open it is. Every offense is basically run the same but you have to get used to different terminologies. I like how things are opened up and we try to get the football to the right people.

"I'm happy with the receivers right now. We have two freshmen that are making great plays (Cameron Abdullah & Bryan Jackson) and Cameron has actually made his way into our first group rotation. Jackson made a lot of big plays today in practice. Nate Conner is the heart and soul of the group and we need to get him 100 percent healthy right now. Michael Jenner and Geavon Tribble have been having an outstanding camp. Ricky Cantartesi is playing well and A.J. Burgman has picked up the offense a lot in the past three days. The entire freshman group is showing great ability. The future at receiver looks bright for JU."

The Dolphins will return to the practice field at 7 p.m. to complete their first two-a-day.

Key Dates:

August 17 - Media/Picture Day: 1 p.m. at Milne Field
August 18 - First scrimmage, 2:30 p.m.
August 21 - First day of classes
September 2 - First game vs. Gardner-Webb at 7:30 p.m.