Football preseason camp: Day 10B

Aug. 17, 2006

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - After hosting Media Day, a cool and majestic evening practice was the backdrop for a light end to Day 10 as the Dolphins prepare for their first scrimmage on Friday. The session started with PAT/Field Goal before moving to position drills and group. The practice ended with Skeleton 7-on-7 situations, special teams and one last group session to get out the kinks. The following is some highlights and quotes from Day 10B:

PAT/FG: Donovan Curry took top honors for the fourth consecutive practice by hitting his PAT attempt, his 30-yard attempt, his 35-yard attempt and was 1-for-2 from 40 yards out, including the session ending boot. His miss from 25 yards was wide right and his first 40-yard strike went wide right. Joseph Recktenwald nailed his PAT and his 35-yard attempt but missed wide left from 25 and 30 yards and was short from 40 yards. Brett Buxbaum hit his PAT and 35-yard attempt but missed wide right from 25 and 30 yards and was wide left from 40 yards. Chris Smith hit his PAT but missed from 25 yards (wide right), 30 yards (wide left), 35 yards (wide right) and 40 yards (right post).

Skeleton "Third Down" (7-on-7): 3rd & 6: FIRST ROUND: Junior quarterback Chris Horton went 2-for-2 with first down completions to junior wide receivers Nate Conner and Michael Jenner. The defense had a coverage sack. SECOND ROUND: Freshman quarterback Ken Latessa went 2-for-3 with two completions to freshman receiver Sam Bell, including a 40-yard touchdown. 3rd & 10: FIRST ROUND: Freshman quarterback Chad Belcher went 0- for-2. Freshman linebacker Sean Crowley broke up a pass. The defense also had a coverage sack. SECOND ROUND: Junior quarterback Jason Hohensee went 2-for-2 with first down completions to freshman receivers Ricky Cantartesi and Matthew Bryant. 3rd & 12: FIRST ROUND: Hohensee had his lone pass attempt knocked down by sophomore corner Robson Noel and sophomore free safety Aaron Woods. SECOND ROUND: Freshman quarterback John Solak went 1-for-3 with a first-down completion to a leaping senior receiver Edrian Rogers. Noel broke up a pass during the session. THIRD ROUND: Horton went 0-for-2 in the session.

Sophomore corner Robson Noel: "Coming into this camp, my goal was to play hard and try my best to hold up the defense from my corner spot. I want to show that I come to play every Saturday and do my part to help the defense.

"Nate Conner, Michael Jenner and Geavon Tribble are very good receivers. We have good battles every practice and they give us great looks to help prepare us for each game. They go all out on every play and that daily competition will make all us more successful in games.

"The focus of the linebackers and defensive backs is to cause three turnovers every practice. It doesn't matter if it's an interception or a fumble, our mentality is to force them and then it while hopefully translates into the games.

"My focus when I cover a receiver is to watch his hips. When I see a receiver's hips drop, I drop my hips, because I know he is about to make a move. Coach Luther Price also gives us an advantage by showing us in meetings what a receiver is trying to do. If I can think like a receiver, then I can do a better job of covering a receiver."

Key Dates:

August 18 - First scrimmage, 2:30 p.m.
August 21 - First day of classes
September 2 - First game vs. Gardner-Webb at 7:30 p.m.