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March 28, 2007

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Photo gallery from the first practice

JU football finally ushered in the Kerwin Bell era with the first spring practice on Monday. Usually our practices don't receive a lot of attention, but a camera crew was out interviewing players before practice started. Friends of mine told me last night that they saw the interviews on the news.

The first practice of the 2007 spring campaign seemed to be a good one. We left the field feeling pretty good about ourselves. It was great to see the new coaches in action. Hearing Coach Bell calling plays was a bit different, but it helped bring about the reality of the new regime.

The intensity on both sides of the ball was elevated. Everyone was going all-out, regardless of the lack of pads. Defense looked sharp, quick, and covered well. The offense looked sharp as well, especially considering this was the first time running the new playbook in live situations.

On Tuesday, we are in shoulder pads and are looking to improve on Monday's work. If the intensity stays high, Tuesday's practice should go very well.