The Heart of the City

The Heart of the City

The word heart has several definitions. First reference applies to the organ that pumps blood throughout the body, but it is also defined as the central or innermost part of something, or a person's thoughts and emotions, with regard to love or compassion.

Jacksonville University is the heart of the city, and the definition of the word, as it relates to the institution and athletic department, bleeds true in every aspect.


1.) Jacksonville University operates in similar fashion to the vital organ. It has pumped nearly 30,000 graduates throughout the world, including 12,977 local grads, after equipping them with the tools to change it.

2.) The University, itself, is the closest Division I located near the center of the city.  

3.) Its students, especially its 500 student-athletes, LOVE everything about their university, and its alumni echo those sentiments.

Throughout the 2016-17 athletic year, will highlight Jacksonville University and its student-athletes in its "The Heart of the City" campaign. The series includes feature stories, videos and schedule posters, and begins with the unveiling of the fall poster.

The first 500 to walk through the gate of football's home-opener versus Edward Waters College will receive a free poster. The game is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 17, at 7 p.m.

"I love JU because it's a small school. You have opportunities for golf at JU that you don't get at other schools such as a full ride scholarship and the opportunity to play such a famous and tough golf course as TPC. Those were just a few of the reasons I chose JU." – Amanda Detmer, Women's Golf

"JU has everything that I want in a school." - Cristina Finan, Volleyball

"I love JU because I have made friends for life here, and it has become my second home." - Sara Wicks, Women's Soccer

"I chose JU because of the surroundings. I am surrounded by a great coach, excellent academics, and wonderful teammates." - Ryan Jahn, Men's Golf

"I love JU because of the relationships I have built over the past three years, and opportunities it has afforded me to grow as a student, athlete, and person." – Liam O'Connor, Men's Soccer

"JU is a nice school. The teachers know each student personally and it feels like a family environment." – Armani Sampson, Football 

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