SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2011
USA BLOG #2: A Great Day for Practice
After a great night of sleep, which I attribute to the mountain air, I got a good workout in this morning with Randy Bennett in the hotel fitness center. There were several other coaches running outside for the view of the mountains.

We had a competitive practice this morning. Joe Jackson (Memphis) came straight off the plane and made an instant impression. Meyers Leonard (Illinois) did a great job of finishing plays.

Oh, and by the way, Jeremy Lamb (UConn) is really, really good.

I've got to thank former JU assistant coach Andrea Williams, now the head women's basketball coach at the Air Force Academy, for a quick tour of the Academy. What a beautiful campus - 80,000 acres! And the young men and women there are the best and brightest in the country - developing their skills that allow us the freedom for us to live our lives daily.

With two-a-days in sessions, our night practice saw some other players start to emerge. Kyle Marshall (Butler), Javon McCrea and Cam Wright (Pitt).

The biggest question I had today was where was trainer Tim Hansen (former Georgia Tech trainer and the best) and why am I leading the stretching???

Dinner was top notch again - this time at McKenzies Chop House. This is too much food really but I can't pass it up!

The BEST story telling by coaches I have ever heard was tonight. You name the coach or player and their was a story to tell. Hilarious!!!