SUNDAY, JUNE 26, 2011
USA Blog #7: The Air up Here
Great morning today! I got to Skype with my wife and son! It was very funny to see my son kiss the computer. I really miss them.

We took the team photo this morning and the uniforms look great. Tim Hardaway was the first to the gym again and got up 100 shots before the team photo. What a great routine.

Light practice in the morning just to review offense then a quick lunch on campus. I took a little stroll around campus here in Colorado Springs. Wow! It’s incredible that I didn't realize how many great athletes that are representing this country. I took a few good pictures also (especially of the “athlete recovery station” – that’s a hotspot on campus).

We had another good practice in the early afternoon. I got a little workout in at the hotel. I think this altitude thing is for real, because it can’t be me being out of shape right? I’m sticking with the altitude!

Dinner @ Champs (my son’s name did I say I miss my man?) and watched the NBA Draft.

Oh yeah, Johnny O has been with us all week. I don't know how he got here but GLAD he is here. One of the funniest skill development college coaches I've ever worked with!