Buenos Dias … we opened the day with a trip to the sugarcane village in the morning.

WOW, what an experience! We saw kids with no shoes, shirts or underwear walking and playing in the mud or dirt like it was no big deal. Our players did a great job of interacting with everyone. We played baseball, catch and told stories before going into a church to give out donations.

It started off very orderly and calm, but by the end it was a crazy. Everyone had their hand out for something and or anything, but once we gave out everything, we started walking to the bus and they followed us to beg for more stuff. Players and staff wanted to do more and had a hard time saying no.

Following the village, it was an early game for us (4 p.m.) back in Santo Domingo. Once again, everyone contributed in the game and gave a good effort. Oh yeah, there was a younger kids game before our game and it was pretty funny stuff. The kids were great and they wanted to play/shoot with our players afterwards.

We headed back to hotel for dinner before heading back out to watch a pro team play. Wow, I saw my man Eddie Elisma (Georgia Tech) play against Eddie Basden (D.C. connection). It was a great game that came down to the last shot. The home team lost which left the crowd a little upset. Our guys really enjoyed seeing some pro ball. I think they have a new respect for pro ball in the Dominican Republic.

Coach Warren