MONDAY, JULY 30, 2001
Around The World With K-Dog

July 30, 2001

Today was the day and we were ready to defeat the home team Mexico. After defeating The Dominican Republic and Honduras, we had a bigger task at hand, Mexico. The home team had a great squad and it had it's beautiful crowd of all ages. It was the semifinals. The game was back and forth for a while but Mexico with the energy and home court advantage did what every home team should do, and that's took a good lead. They had us by 15 in the first half but we would not quit... We battled back to cut the deficit to only three points by half time. The second half was even more exciting than the first, as both teams played like they belonged in the finals. Mexico eventually overcame us and advanced to the finals. However, we walked off the floor feeling great for ourselves. The smallest nation of only 150,000 compared to the nation with a population with at least three million. We were the only english team to advance to the Tournament of the Latin Americas in Argentina coming up August 15th, 2001 and we walked off the floor feeling proud. The crowd made us feel like we belonged as they raised their hand and gave us a warm reception off the floor. Right there and then, we knew that we gave it our all.

We lost in the third place game finishing fourth overall. But the top four teams will advance to Argentina: 1. Puerto Rico, 2. Mexico, 3. Panama, 4. Virgin Islands. Now the big guns are coming to play in that tournament, like Raja Bell and David Vantapool - NBA stars. However we are facing a big delemma. This is because we have two teams. One of the team is going to the University games in China on Aug 18th, and the other to Argentina on August 15th. The big problem is that our team is very young and many of the players from the University team plays on the National team, including myself. This is a problem. Right now the Virgin Islands is flurting with the Olympics. If we win or place in Argentina we advance ourselves to the tournament of the Americas in Indiana next year. All that sounds good and well, but the I am the captain of the University Team. I need to go to China, and that is where i will be. All in all, the Virgin Islands is making it's mark in the Caribbean's eyes, and soon the Americas. The world is next, and we are ready to show the world that no matter the population or the place, only five people at a time can play this game. That's why we play the games.

More updates will be coming from both China and Argentina.