Around The World With K-Dog

Aug. 21, 2001

Finally, we have arrived in China. All of the Big dogs are here including the United States team, which is the favorite to win it all. With players like Eddie Griffin, Juan Dixon and Lonnie Baxter from Maryland University, and Lynn Greer from Temple University, the American team looks pretty strong. The atmosphere is so exciting in China. The people are very friendly and very honorable. Our first game against who else, but the host team, China. I am just amazed that everywhere we go we always have to play the host team first. I guess they don't know that the Virgin Islands has a lot of talent. Well, we will see about that, because we are the Caribbean Champs and we are here to win. China has a big name NBA player, Zhizhi Wang. He plays with the Dallas Mavericks. I can't wait to get this thing started.

See you tomorrow.