Around The World With K-Dog

Aug. 29, 2001

Today is our last Rest Day.

Yesterday was a great day. The game was very exciting and intense. Nigeria gave all they could, but in the end, we proved that Virgin Islands Basketball was just too strong for the African countries. We beat Nigeria by 15 points, 75-60. Nigeria tried to play us man-to-man, but our quickness was overwhelming for them. We spread the floor and you know what that means, "One-on-one for K-Dog." Sorry to say, but in this tournament I am nearly unstoppable. I had 15 points and seven assists. I just could not be stoped. The Nigerians respected our game. They came up to us after the game and asked us to visit their beautiful country and hold a clinic in the future. Our coach told them sure. Maybe next year my travels will include Nigeria, who knows. But for now, I am just here in China - resting. We are now 4-2 in the tournament with two games to play. I can't wait until it's over. I really miss J-ville. I know my teammates patiently await the People's Choice. This tournament ends September 2nd. Hopefully I will reach home safely and the next day I am off to Jacksonville to finish what we started last year. Maybe the first 20 win season since 1985-86. Hey, I believe it. Are you ready Jacksonville? Until next time...