Around The World With K-Dog

Aug. 31, 2001

Today we met Bulgaria for the second time. After beating them by 15 points in the first meeting, we made it very clear that win wasn't a fluke. We pounded them again. Behind my 22 points and eight assists, we beat Bulgaria, 102-63. We were just too strong for the Consolation round. We won every game by and average of 35 points. We finished the tournament winning out the Consolation round with a record of 6-2. The Virgin Islands were won of the greater stories in the Village. The biggest story was that China beat the U.S.A in a controversial game. China was leading by one with seconds to go. U.S.A had the ball and went for a layup, but Yung Ming, China's 7-foot-6 center blocked the shot to end the game. In my opinion, it was a serious goaltending. U.S.A should have won that game. Well, China is going to play Yugoslavia for the Championship tonight. I will keep you up to date on who wins the tournament. Anyways, the Virgin Island team is for real, people, and we are going to be back in 2003 in Korea to represent the Caribbean. We are the Caribbean Champs and we are not a Fluke.

Until next year...