TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2006
What they are saying about JU's return to Downtown

June 19, 2006


"I'm excited for the program that they get the opportunity to be playing back Downtown. It gives the players a feel that they are Jacksonville's team and it gives the fans and alumni all over the city to be a part of the Dolphins basketball team.

"I have so many great memories of playing downtown but the best memory that I have is from my freshman year vs. UNC-Charlotte. I had my first breakout game as a Dolphin. I felt like I had finally became a legitimate college player after that game in front of the home crowd and my family.

"Also another memory is my senior year when we played Southern Mississippi in the Gator Bowl tourney which was a great Christmas tourney that we hosted. We were down 20 points with 5 minutes left and the crowd was leaving for two reasons. We were getting blown out and it was SNOWING in Jacksonville. We came back and won the game and people were trying to come back to the game but the roads where so bad that everyone missed one of the greatest comebacks in JU history downtown."

Dee Brown

Guard, 1986-90

"I'm delighted to see this happening. This will be a great boom to Coach Warren's recruiting to play at an Arena that hosted the NCAA Tournament successfully this past year. I have some great memories from coaching downtown. This is a huge step in the right direction for JU basketball."

Bob Wenzel

Former JU head coach

CBS Analyst