A Hall of Fame Dinner with John Wooden

Dec. 4, 2006

BURBANK, Calif. - Thirty-three years had passed since the five men gathering for dinner had last met. Although never formerly introduced the first time around, the three hours they spent together that afternoon would link them for the rest of their lives. Time had been good to all of them. Four were in their 50s. There was a dentist from Oregon, a motivational speaker and a financial analyst from California and a Florida businessman. The fifth man is well into his 90's now. He carries those years with the wisdom of someone three times his age and the clarity of a man 70 years younger. He says he is a teacher first, and indeed he is. The world however, knows him as John Wooden, Basketball Coach Emeritus at UCLA, ESPN's Coach of the Century. The other four men are Dr. Vaughn Wedeking, Andy Hill, John Vallely and Artis Gilmore.

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