1st Quarter Play-by-Play

  Stetson vs. Jacksonville
  Date: Nov 16, 2013 • Site: Jacksonville, Fla.

1st Quarter Play-by-Play
JU will recieve & defend south endzone
Stet 1-10on Stet35STET ball on STET35.
Patel, Ronak kickoff 65 yards to the JU0, touchback.
Ju 1-10on Ju25BELL, Kade pass complete to RANDLE, D'Andre for 45 yards to the STET30, 1ST DOWN JU (Payne, Donald).
Ju 1-10on Stet30CAUDIO, Frantz rush for 4 yards to the STET26 (Franklin, PJ).
Ju 2-6on Stet26BELL, Kade pass complete to ROBUSTELLI, And for 26 yards to the STET0, 1ST DOWN JU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 14:04.
LYNCH, Dylan kick attempt good.
Jacksonville 7, Stetson 0
Ju 1-Gon Ju35JU ball on JU35.
 Drive: 3 plays, 75 yards, TOP 1:04
LYNCH, Dylan kickoff 65 yards to the STET0, Long, Dre return 12 yards to the STET12 (JONES, Jeremy).
Stet 1-10on Stet12STETSON drive start at 13:56.
Stet 1-10on Stet12Crawford, Chris rush for loss of 6 yards to the STET6 (WHITE, Maroa).
Stet 2-16on Stet06Tentler, Ryan pass incomplete to Washington, AJ.
Stet 3-16on Stet06Tentler, Ryan pass complete to Yonker, Mike for 9 yards to the STET15, out-of-bounds (MICHEL, Luidji).
Stet 4-7on Stet15LaGamma, James punt 55 yards to the JU30, RILEY, Adrian return 15 yards to the JU45 (Jakubek, Bobby;Gildea, Ryan).
 Drive: 3 plays, 3 yards, TOP 1:27
Ju 1-10on Ju45JACKSONVILLE drive start at 12:29.
Ju 1-10on Ju45PENALTY JU illegal procedure 5 yards to the JU40.
Ju 1-15on Ju40BELL, Kade pass incomplete to JONES, Andy (Atkins, Chris).
Ju 2-15on Ju40CAUDIO, Frantz rush for 9 yards to the JU49 (Adesoji, Glenn;Green, Andrew).
Ju 3-6on Ju49BELL, Kade pass intercepted by Atkins, Chris at the STET22, Atkins, Chris return 30 yards to the JU48 (JONES, Andy).
 Drive: 3 plays, 4 yards, TOP 1:07
Stet 1-10on Ju48STETSON drive start at 11:22.
Stet 1-10on Ju48Washington, AJ rush for 2 yards to the JU46 (JIMENEZ, Charle).
Stet 2-8on Ju46Tentler, Ryan pass complete to Crawford, Chris for 5 yards to the JU41 (MCRAE, Antonio).
Stet 3-3on Ju41Tentler, Ryan pass complete to Chapes, Darius for 11 yards to the JU30, 1ST DOWN STET (ADDISON, Andre;KLEIN, Mike).
Stet 1-10on Ju30Tentler, Ryan pass incomplete to McGriff, Darius.
Stet 2-10on Ju30Burt, Terrance rush for 6 yards to the JU24, out-of-bounds (KLEIN, Mike).
Stet 3-4on Ju24Washington, AJ rush for 6 yards to the JU18, 1ST DOWN STET (JIMENEZ, Charle).
Stet 1-10on Ju18Tentler, Ryan rush for 18 yards to the JU0, 1ST DOWN STET, TOUCHDOWN, clock 08:48.
Tentler, Ryan kick attempt good.
Stetson 7, Jacksonville 7
Stet 1-Gon Stet35STET ball on STET35.
 Drive: 7 plays, 48 yards, TOP 2:43
Patel, Ronak kickoff 50 yards to the JU15, STRANGE, Damien return 10 yards to the JU25 (Coleman, Chase;Moore, Kegan).
Ju 1-10on Ju25JACKSONVILLE drive start at 08:39.
Ju 1-10on Ju25CAUDIO, Frantz rush for 14 yards to the JU39, 1ST DOWN JU (Dyer, Zach).
Ju 1-10on Ju39CAUDIO, Frantz rush for 18 yards to the STET43, 1ST DOWN JU (Dyer, Zach).
Ju 1-10on Stet43PENALTY JU false start 5 yards to the STET48.
Ju 1-15on Stet48BELL, Kade pass complete to RANDLE, D'Andre for no gain to the STET48 (Payne, Donald).
Ju 2-15on Stet48BELL, Kade rush for no gain to the STET48 (Staud, Cory;Eguakun, Morris).
Ju 3-15on Stet48BELL, Kade sacked for loss of 9 yards to the JU43 (Eguakun, Morris).
Ju 4-24on Ju43LYNCH, Dylan punt 36 yards to the STET21, Burt, Terrance return 1 yards to the STET22 (HOWARD, DJ;JONES, Johnny).
 Drive: 5 plays, 18 yards, TOP 2:33
Stet 1-10on Stet22STETSON drive start at 06:06.
Stet 1-10on Stet22Tentler, Ryan pass complete to Strahl, J. for 9 yards to the STET31, out-of-bounds (ADDISON, Andre).
Stet 2-1on Stet31Washington, AJ rush for 12 yards to the STET43, 1ST DOWN STET (REDDING, Grady), PENALTY JU offside declined.
Stet 1-10on Stet43Washington, AJ rush for 3 yards to the STET46 (JOINER, Anthony;DOWDY, Charles).
Stet 2-7on Stet46Chapes, Darius rush for 9 yards to the JU45, 1ST DOWN STET (FOLEY, Ed;HORTON, Justin).
Stet 1-10on Ju45Tentler, Ryan rush for 3 yards to the JU42, out-of-bounds (HORTON, Justin).