OT2 Period Play-by-Play

  Stetson vs. Jacksonville
  Date: Nov 09, 2013 • Site: Jacksonville

OT2 Period Play-by-Play
 Start of OT2 period [100:00].
 Foul on Stetson.
[102:23]  Shot by JU BRANDAO, Guilherme, SAVE SCHNABL, Andreas.
 Corner kick by JU HERNANDEZ, Christian [103:32].
 Foul on Jacksonville.
[104:39]  Shot by JU DALTON, Nathan BLOCKED.
[104:56]  Offside against Jacksonville.
[105:46]  STET substitution: CARBONE, Gianluca for RODGERS, Chase.
[107:35]  STET substitution: AUSTIN, Trent for JACKSON, Patrick.
 Foul on Stetson.
[108:38]  Red card on STET BOSTIC, JJ.
[108:38]  JU substitution: SAROLI, Matheus for RODRIGUEZ, Nick.
[108:38]  STET substitution: RODGERS, Chase for CARBONE, Gianluca.
[108:48]  Shot by JU KELLY, Griffin BLOCKED.
 End of period [110:00].