Seniors getting ready for final home fling
Max Gurowski is one of seven playing his final home game.
Max Gurowski is one of seven playing his final home game.
This will only happen once so it’s a big deal.

The JU men’s lacrosse team plays its last home game Saturday and the big deal is that this year is the first full graduating class for the three-year old team.

For the seven seniors the idea that this is it really hasn’t sunk in.

“It’s crazy to think that four years have gone by and that it’s all done,’’ captain Jake Ziegler said. “At least when high school ended you at least had lacrosse left, but at the end of college it’s the end. It’s over. It’s a pretty crazy realization.’’

Ziegler’s thoughts are echoed by defenseman DJ Zymkowitz.

“I wouldn’t say it has sunk in yet,’’ Zymkowitz, from Lighthouse Point, Fla., said. “The week after it will settle in.’’ Ben Schaefer really just got going for the Dolphins. He transferred here this season from Birmingham Southern.

“It’s definitely too short, definitely too short but an awesome experience, he said. “It’s been an amazing learning experience and this is a great group of guys around here. I wish I had more time, for sure.

Ziegler, who will leave JU having started all 39 games in which he played and as the school’s all-time caused turnover leader, isn’t sure how he’ll react when the finality sets in.

“I’m not sure until it comes,’’ he said. “I don’t know how it’s going to feel until the last whistle blows I’m just going to have to see what happens when it comes and react. But, this has been a great experience to come here and play Division I lacrosse and start a new program and be a part of history. This is the first senior class that has been here form the start and it’s definitely been a big deal.’’

Zymkowitz isn’t sure how he’ll react but knows he’ll miss the camaraderie that comes with a team game and some of the fun that comes with it. He also knows he’s in for a change of life.

“I’ve been doing this so long it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be done,’’ he said. “It’s going to be weird not playing anymore.’’

Along with Ziegler, Zymkowitz and Schaefer, Chip Young, Jeremy Tissenbaum, Max Gurowski and Alex DiScala are part of this year’s class.

- Jim Nasella