Men’s Champ 8 wins back-to-back titles at Head of the Hooch
Despite the long wait to start the 2010 fall season, the JU men’s rowing team made a big splash with four medals at the Head of the Hooch Regatta, Saturday on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, Tenn.

JU, which was led by back-to-back gold medals by the Varsity 8, also got a gold medal by the Freshman 8, a silver from the Championship 4 and a bronze by the Lightweight 4.

“It was a good showing for our men's team,” said head coach Jim Mitchell. “It's always nice to win at the Head of the Hooch, especially in the Championship 8. I've been participating at this race, either as a rower or a coach since 1990. I can tell you that medals are not that easy to come by at this regatta. It was tough for us this year since this was our first race of the fall, so we didn't really know what kind of speed we had relative to the other teams. We were happy with our results, but we know that we need to find a lot more speed this winter to have a successful spring.”

The Men’s Lightweight 4 consisting of coxswain Andrew Soloway, Kevin Friedlander, Evan Schnitker, Parker Lawler and Marvin Leininger finished third with a 17:30 behing College of Charleston and Old Dominion but ahead of St. Louis (17:34.2), Miami “A” (17:43.4), Florida (18:17), Miami “B” (18:17.4), UCF (18:17.6), Auburn (18:17.8), Clemson (18:38.5), N. C. State (18:46.7) and Tennesee-Chattanooga (19:01.8).

The Men’s Freshman 4 with coxswain Ben Hayes, Jared Low, Troy Troupe, Brandon Helling and Sean Carney will placed 10th out of 32 boats with a 19:13 behind UCF (18:02.9), Tennessee (18:24.9), Murray State (18:37), Georgia Tech (18:48.7), Florida (18:59), Clemson (19:00.8), Alabama-Huntsville (19:05.5), Alabama (19:09.5) and Emory (19:09.7) .

The Men’s Championship 8 “A” with coxswain Tom Richards, Scott Del Vecchio, Kevin Friedlander, Dylan Kosten, Andy Davis, Brad Miller, Parker Lawler, Wayne Reichard and John Gerety placed first with a time of 15:17.6 ahead of Texas (15:19.9), Georgia Tech (15:27.6), the JU Alumni (15:50), Florida (15:53.1), the Men’s Championship 8 “B” consisting of coxswain Dan Moore, Adrian Perez-Siam, Chris Ottie, Bernard Vingilis, Greg VanOekel, Matt Outlaw, Jake Ruffalo, Andy Lippert and Evan Schnitker (15:57.2), Emory (15:59), Rollins College (16:36.4) and UCF (16:45.4).

The Men’s Freshman 8 “A” with coxswain Jessica Mellinger, Scott Del Vecchio, Matt Outlaw, Brad Miller, Geronimo Fernandez, Marvin Leininger, Shane Kennedy, Andrew Manchester and Jesse Brantman finished first out of 30 with a time of 15:58.7), Georgia Tech (16:33.8), UCF (16:43.5), Tennessee (16:53.6), Florida “B” (16:56.8), Vanderbilt (17:06.6), Georgia (17:14.5), Emory “B” (17:17.7), Miami (17:22.9), Tennessee-Chattanooga “A” (17:29.9), Miami (17:30.5) and the Men’s Freshman 8 “B” consisting of coxswain Ben Hayes, Troy Troupe, Jared Low, Brandon Helling, Ricky Banach, Sean Carney, Matt Walker, Jon Haupt and Pat Troupe (17:36.9).

The Men’s Championship 4 “A” consisting of coxswain Andrew Soloway, Dylan Kosten, Andy Davis, Chris Ottie and John Gerety finished second out of 16 with a mark of 17:01.7 behind Texas (16:36.6) but ahead of Emory (17:11.4), Alabama (17:15), Texas (17:20.5), Oklahoma City (17:26), Florida (17:26.4), Auburn (17:26.9), Rollins College “B” (17:38), Clemson (17:50.3) and the Men’s Championship 4 “B” with coxswain Jessica Mellinger, Preston Weinard, Andy Lippert, Brian Tye and Jesse Brantman (17:57).

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