TALES FROM THE BACKLINE: “The Last Chance: Now or Never!!!”
The JU soccer season finally started last Sunday. Even though we lost, 2-1, against a UCF team ranked in the top-20 nationally, it was a good start on which we can build. Nothing is worse than losing, but we saw that we can keep up with top-level NCAA college teams, especially after a 2-1 exhibition win over USF two weeks ago.

We came up with the headline “It is our time: the last chance. Either we are successful now or never.” This is because we have 10 seniors on our roster this year, and each of them is itching to win a ring. This is the last chance for us to make our mark and improve on the last two disappointing years. Together with our new incoming players, we are looking for a way to find the right ingredients to become champions.

Both the coaching staff and the team is confident that we could have the right components for a champion’s meal this year: Two Norwegians, six Germans, two Serbians, one Irish, one Kiwi (New Zealander) and 14 Americans.

After going through a tough preseason with what felt like one hundred fitness tests, (and what felt like several three-hour practice sessions twice a day) we feel positive that we are going to be successful.

Even though I have to check several times a day if my legs are still a part of my body, (I guess it is normal after a tough preseason) I cannot wait to finally get the first win together with my teammates against UMass on Sunday at 7pm. I hope you all come out and support us. We really need you this year.

Also, I want to appeal to coach Meehan that he wears his lucky cowboy hat at the game on Sunday.

Quote of the week: “Champions aren´t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision.” (Muhammad Ali)

- Tobias Hottner