JU Soccer Announces Men's All-Decade Teams

November 15, 1999

Jacksonville, Fla. - Jacksonville University recently announced the results of balloting for the JU Soccer Teams of the Decades and Players of the Decades. The announcement was made as part of the Dolphins 1999 Homecoming festivities.

Ballots were sent to more than 200 alumni who played soccer at JU since the sport was introduced intercollegiatley in 1957. Alumni were requested to vote only in the decades they played.

The names of approximately 40 players per decade were selected for each ballot by representatives from the decade. Because each decade included at least one tie for the final berth, the team was expanded to include twelve players. The results were as follows:

1950's/60's 1970's 1980's 1990's
Player of the Decade Jim Kane Aleks Mihailovic Jason Phitides Petar Popovic
Goalkeeper Dave Kane Frank Pace* Bobby Rojahn Petar Popovic
Defender Jim Boates John Azzo Steve Ando Vuk Glisic
Defender Gregg Miller Mike Cozort* Jason Phitides Tony Powell
Defender Bob Spector Al Wieden Jason Slaveski Tony Suman
Defender Carl Weinrich Marc Westerhorstmann Tim Updike Bryan Wilkenson
Midfield Richard Brooks Pat Barry Sal Gloria* Hope Chiota
Midfield Bob Burger Rick Bloomquist Sam Hinson Mike Popovic*
Midfield Jim Kane* Alfred Mayne-Nicholls Michael Johnson* Bo Simic
Midfield John Sylvester Aleks Mihailovic* Tony Novo* Danny Villareal
Forward Jim Barczak Dick Hill Bobby Medallada* Bole Acimovic*
Forward Scott Howell Terry Myers Kurt Tierney Papayaw Danso-Ampofo
Forward Randy MacMillan Rick Shannon* Greg Willin Nesa Stefanovic*
*named on more than 75% of ballots cast