Kup's Korner
KUP'S KORNER: Success isn't something that just happens
“Success isn't something that just happens - success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared.” --Sparky Anderson

Well we went to Clemson to see where we stood…and we found out that we are a contradiction. We have a ways to go before we can call ourselves an elite team, but at the same time, we are extremely athletic and the sky is the limit for this squad. While there were some great individual moments, we didn’t have our systems in place to play and compete as a team, so I was ready to get back in practice and begin to tie up the loose ends.

The great news is that the girls came into this week very focused and ready to get to work. Discipline has become our key focus on the court and there was some real progress made this week. I’m excited to see us play again on Friday to find out just how much has stuck. I think we will be a much more fluid team and we can get back to looking like the championship level team that we believe we are. The trip to Connecticut is going to be another step in this journey and hopefully give us time to bond both on the court and off.