LEHMAN-MUNNEKE: Welcome to the Brittany Lehman/Hannah Munneke Blog
This year’s team consists of an equal measure of returners and newcomers, with eight returners and seven incoming freshmen. So, in order to kick off the season and intermingle with one another, we had a barbecue the night before our first practice and were all eager and ready to get in the gym.

In the first week and a half we were here, our days were filled with two three-hour sessions of practices with occasional weights. Although getting to play this much was fun, the result of it was a huge amount of soreness, floor burns, and dislocated pinkies. In order to compensate for some of the soreness, we all had to take ice baths every day. However, this was not your typical ice bath because there was so many of us that we had to resort to taking our ice baths in empty trash cans! This was not so fun, but definitely helped a lot! We are now finally getting over our soreness and just completed our last session of two-a-days!

In addition to our practices and weights, we are also eating all of our meals as a team. This year we decided to do something different and split into groups of three and were each assigned to cook dinner on different nights. Some of these yummy meals included: quesadillas, stir fry, chicken parmeasean, salmon, tacos, and some delicious desserts! Not only was this a fun team bonding experience, but we also discovered that we have some great cooks on our team!

Our preseason has gone beyond your typical practices, team meals, and weights. In addition to all of these, we have also had some fun team bonding activities in the last couple days. One day, we got the morning practice off and got to go bowling! We got the chance to not only bond with the girls on our team, but also branch out and meet more JU athletes by bowling with the women’s soccer team. Then, a few days later, we had the privilege of having the day off, but instead of just relaxing and all doing our own things individually, we went to the beach as a team. We did a variety of things including: bocce ball, corn hole, an Oreo game, and even learned how to surf!

As you can see, our preseason has been filled with intense practices, scrumptious meals, and fun-filled activities! That’s all for now...make sure you check in next week to hear more!