The Life of a Running Dolphin
THE LIFE OF A RUNNING DOLPHIN: We ran, hurt and got better...
Friday's race gave us a good indicator for how good we need to be this season. UNF showed a solid performance and proved that we have got to have a strong and solid group of runners on the A-Sun Championship line on October 30th to beat them and the other teams.

The highlight of this evening was Louise Kiernan's 30 bug bites (no joke, we counted). It almost made the sprinter wish she was running the two mile event herself to avoid the mean buggers.

The four of us that didn't race had a fast moving session Saturday morning to close out the week and I got to enjoy my first 46 hours off from running in a long while. We had some fun in the sun with other trackies at the pool, practicing our non-existing volleyball skills, and simply lying out letting the sun re-energize our bodies.

This week continues with good consistent training to prepare for our next race: our first 5k of the season at UF on September 18th.

Thank you to everyone who came out to cheer or otherwise contributed to a successful event Friday!

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The Life of a Running Dolphin