Thursday and Sunday will decide if we are ready to make a statement and win the regular season.

Many people have had doubts before the season if we have what it takes to win our conference. We can prove them all wrong. Everyone knows what is at stake for us this week. We have been working hard to be where we are and it has not always been easy. We’ve made it this far, so why should we not go all the way now? On Thursday, we will gather all of our JU soccer “warriors” to take on the unbeaten at home Florida Gulf Coast team.

It feels like back in the days when the Greeks assembled their best warriors to conquer Troy. At that time, Troy stood for an impregnable stronghold until the Greek army came and was victorious. Nobody believed in them and the Trojans were laughing about their attempt to even try to conquer their fort. The word of this epic victory was spread throughout the world. It is all on us now to make our own destiny and follow the example of those brave warriors. Once again, we have coach Odysseus (or better known as Mike Johnson) showing us the way to win.

Every single one of us who played at FGCU last year remembers how painful and frustrating that game was. We probably had our worst game of the season and got embarrassed on the field. I do not want to go through that again, not this time. Words cannot describe how badly we presented ourselves at their home field. In particular, I appeal to all the seniors to redeem ourselves and show them what kind of team we really are. We were Dolphins without teeth and no control over our bodies, just waiting for the fishermen to throw their net over us. Even when they did not even want to catch us, we were just waiting to wrap their nets around us until they reluctantly had to pull us out of the water. But this is history and nobody cares two hoots about it. We have tasted the sweetness of winning now. Our Dolphin mouths are not saturated yet. We will not be satisfied until we attain our ultimate goal, becoming the champions.

Before the season nobody was afraid of Dolphins because everyone thought of us being nice and friendly like our friends in the ocean. They thought when we come to their home field, we are going to serve them the three points on a silver plate. We do not deliver three points to you anymore. We might still smile at you because that is in our blood but we are a new generation of Dolphins, a generation which is only satisfied with nothing less than a win. So let’s swarm out and bring home the win, Dolphins!!!

Tobias Hottner

Quote of the week:
“The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” - Earl of Beaconsfield