SUNDAY, MARCH 04, 2007
Men's Tennis battles Campbell, falls 4-3

March 4, 2007

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Dolphins (3-4, 1-3 A-Sun) battled the Camels on the court, splitting singles play, and going into tiebreaker in number one doubles. Singles play started first in anticipation for the possibility of raining, forcing the doubles point to be the deciding factor in this match.

The Dolphins took and early lead taking no. 1, 2, and 4 singles, but Campbell battled back winning no. 5 and no. 6 singles to tie the match. After long and challenging singles play, Marcus Oliveria and Vinicius Craveiro won no. 3 doubles against Taune and Thesless, 8-6, while Jordi Ballester and Victor Vaz dropped no. 2 doubles to Starkov and Gorjup. With the match coming down to no. 1 doubles, the pressure was on for Francisco Riveroll and Ernesto Ramos. With a tied game at 8-8, no. 1 doubles went into tiebreaker, with Delarue and Sifre coming up with the win for Campbell.

"We learned about momentum today," said head coach Jared Camerota. "When you're winning, you can't let up, even a little bit, in a conference match."

The Dolphins take on Hampton University at home Sunday at 10:00 a.m.


1. Jordi Ballester (JU) def. Gabriel Delarue (CAM) 6-2, 7-5

2. Marc Sifre (CAM) def. Francisco Riveroll (JU) 7-6 (4), 6-2

3. Victor Vaz (JU) DEF. Artoym Starkov (CAM) 6-3, 6-3

4. Ernesto Ramos (JU) def. Vasja Gorjup (CAM) 6-3, 7-6 (3)

5. Viktor Taune (CAM) def. Vinicius Craveiro (JU) 6-0, 6-2

6. Sebastian Thesleff (CAM) def. Marcos Oliveira (JU) 1-6, 7-6 (5), 6-1


1. Delarue/Sifre (CAM) def. Riveroll/Rames (JU) 9-8 (6)

2. Starkov/Gorjup (CAM) def. Ballester/Vaz (JU) 8-4

3. Oliveira/Craveiro (JU) def. Taune/Thesless (CAM) 8-6