INSIDER: Join the JUSN's Barry Milligan for a preview of this week's game
 The JUSN previews this weekend's football game against Southeastern Louisiana
Join the JUSN and the "Voice of the Dolphins" Barry Milligan with a preview of this week's game against Southeastern Louisiana or any other JU questions. You can submit your questions in advance of Wednesday's chat, with Barry coming online at 3 to answer your questions.

Dre (tampa): the inaugural team. what will be done to get them together? 10 years next year. if something is done, what would it be?
Barry Milligan,: Before I answer your question, I want to thank everyone for sending in their questions. We've got a lot of great questions and I apologize for the delay in getting started today.

Dre, great question. We are in the planning stages for the 10th anniversary of football on campus. We also will have an artist's rendering of a stadium that will be on display at that time as well.

Andrew (Jacksonville): What do you think about the sophmore receiver Geavon Tribble?
Barry Milligan,: Andrew, this kid is a great talent.

When you go from 1 catch all last year to six catches in your first game of the season, it's a great start.

He has good speed and looks to have a good ability tos eperate from coverage.

Lou (Orlando): How has Scott Hughes affected the wide receiving corps?
Barry Milligan,: Scott has been a great dddition to the coaching staff. Not only with the wide outs but with special teams, too.

His experience from Virginia Tech has brought a toughness to practices that will be a great benefit to our players.

Justin (Tallahassee): Is it possible that SE Louisiana might be looking past us as a sandwich game. Their schedule is a killer, and do we have a chance to sneak up on them?
Barry Milligan,: It's impossible to sneak up on anyone that has started 0-2.

SEL will be very fired up for their home opener, in front of a sellout crowd and will be looking for a big win.

Jeff (Jacksonville): Barry: What is the team's travel schedule for this trip? I think it would be enlightening for fans to know what the student-athletes have to endure on a long trip like this one. When do they leave Jacksonville? How long is the bus ride? Where do they eat meals on the road? How long will you be in Hammond? When does the team start back after the game, and when will they arrive back at JU, assuming everything runs on schedule?
Barry Milligan,: This is a great question. It's a tough trip, no doubt.

We will board the buses at JU around 7:45 from the JU campus. We will drive 4-5 hours then break for lunch. We will continue on the road and to Hammond. After the hotel check-in, the team will have a walk through at Strawberry Stadium, then dinner. There will be team meetings then curfew at 10 p.m.

Meetings will take place Saturday, then a pregame meal. We will depart after the team has showered and drive all night, arriving back in Jax at approx. 8:30 Sunday morning. The kids that need it will get treatment in the training room, the coaches will begin breaking down game tapes, and i will collapse!!

Michael (Orlando): In the first game the punting it didn't seem that set the team up with very good field position. Have any changes been made in the punting positions / strategy?
Barry Milligan,: Any timeyou have a true freshman punter in his first game, you can expect jitters.

Joe did only average 30 or so yards per punt but has had a solid week of practice and will continue to handle the punting duties this week.

dennis smith/lawrenceville GA: why are so many player playing both sides of the ball you have enough player we need fresh legs in the 3rd & 4th qt to me thats what happen in the first game out of gas
Barry Milligan,: Huh? We didn't have any two-way players. I would submit that the reason for some late fatigue was the 95 degree day, with temps on the field at about 105 while we were competing with a team that offered 65 scholarships. We played our hearts out to be tied wiith this team at the half.

Jeff(Boca): What kind of attack do you see the offence running on Saturday? How does JU's O-line match up against there D-line? Can you give me an injury update on Flowers?
Barry Milligan,: We won't change strategt this week. JU will continue to feature the run with our trio of backs and with QB Chris Horton's ability to scramble for positive yards as he did last week. We really need to establis the run and try to control some clock time to keep the Lions offense off the field as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the lone injury in the G-W game was a big one. Bryan Flowers, our most experienced defensive back, is lost for the season with an ACL injury. True Freshman Roderick Clark should get the start in his place.

O.P.: Nate Conner led the nation in I-AAfor all purpose runners last week? How often has that happened and do you know who the other individuals were?
Barry Milligan,: Conner had 226 all purpose yards last week. Keep in mind, many of those yards were as a result of kickoff returns...we would rather him have more receiving yards and fewer on KO returns!!!

Thanks so much for the questions. I've enjoyed chatting with you this week. Remember to listen in tomorrow night for the JU Insider on ESPN 1460 or listen here off of the JU website. Until then, we'll see you next Wednesday for another edition of our weekly chat.