INSIDER: Join the JUSN's Barry Milligan for Saturday's game against Valpo
 Join the JU Sports Network for a chat about the Dolphins upcoming contest against Valpo.
Chat with the "Voice of the Dolphins" Barry Milligan as the Dolphins get set for Saturday's road trip to face Valparaiso.
Barry Milligan,: Geavon was obviously a little frustrated that he didn't get more catches at the Butler game. Fact is, he was double teamed much of the day in our multiple wide out sets that created great chances for Mike Jenner and Nate Connor.

Tom (Jacksonville): Congrats on the Dolphins win. I was curious why Geavon Tribble was not involved in the offense. I saw this young man play in the home game a few weeks ago and this kid had me standing in my seat. He is exciting to watch, I can't beleive he's only a sophmore. Will Coach try to get him involved in this weeks game.
Barry Milligan,: Geavon is a great kid with an equally great attitude. Coach McLeod always has plays set for Geavon; hopefully the Valpo defense will cooperate!

Jerry (St. Augustine): Great win. The receivers and quarterback are doing a great job. Kudos to the receivers Coach and quarterbacks Coach. What happened to the leading receiver Geavon Tribble was he double covered or hurt. I hope he is healthy for this weeks game.
Barry Milligan,: Geavon is absolutely healthy. He was double covered in many of our multiple wide out sets and that created great opportunities for Mike Jenner and Nate Connor. He is completely healthy.

Sharod (Gainsville): I listened to coach Gilbert on one of your previous shows, praised wide reciever, Geavon Tribble as a play maker who needed the ball in his hands. What happened in last weeks game that he didn't get one catch. Did he play or is He hurt from the Se Lousiana game where he took a vicious hit?
Barry Milligan,: Geavon is a tough kid and can take a hit. He also took one for the team by accepting the fact that Butler doubled covered him much of the day. It also didn't work out for him that we passed the ball so rarely in the second half because of the terrible weather in Indianapolis.

Jeff (Jacksonville): I see that Valpo leads the PFL in scoring. What kind of offense do they run? Are they a run-and-shoot kind of team that passes 80 percent of the time, or are they more balanced?
Barry Milligan,: Valpo has rushed 134 times and passed 107 times. Their offense is the option pass variety...they want to run first and love to go over the top to Steve Ogden who is the #1 receiver in yards per game in all of Division 1-AA. This game is going to be a big test for our young secondary; Valpo's two top receivers both stand 6-4.

Ricky (Miami): How are the other kickers/punters that were in the camp doing are they still on the team
Barry Milligan,: Four punters/kickers were brought in during camp. Donovan Curry has obviously made great strides being the PFL Player of thw Week last week. Joe Recktenwald continues to hold down the punting and kickoff duites and did a great job last week sending numerous kickoffs into the end zone. The other kickers continue to work with Coach David Hills.

Jim (Jacksonville): With all the mounting injuries on the offensive line, how do you think the Dolphins offense will be affected?
Barry Milligan,: Great question...this is a huge week for us because Valpo is so physical. Michael Aguilar will hopefully be able to play but may be a game day decision. The reserves have had a good week of practice but losing two players like Pat Rich and Rusty Stiglitz definitely is a factor. Chris Horton has shown great poise through three games and has a great ability to throw off the run when needed.

Greg (Middleburg): Looking at the season schedule in the beginning of the year, i would have put this game as a win, however Valpo has played well according to some websites. How has Valpo's play influenced your outlook?
Barry Milligan,: This is going to be a very physical game and losing two offensive linemen last week will hurt. Valpo also lost its best running back in Jeff Horton to injury so, hopefully, that will play out as a wash. Oddly enough, the two Valpo wins were on the road and their two losses at home. They beat Morehead State on a bomb with thirty one seconds to go in the game; that was the earyl shocker of the PFL season.

O.P.: I understand we caught the injury bug at Butler? Can you give us a injury report and info. on likely replacements?
Barry Milligan,: Two of our veteran offensive linemen, Pat Rich and Rusty Stiglitz, are out. Rich has a foot injury and will be re-evaluated after an MRI later this week but the prognosis is very iffy. Stiglitz has a knee injury and his season is over. It's really a shame for two of our top linemen. This opens the door for some youngsters, Chris Tessitore, Joseph Vitale, and Steve Reynolds all of whom will get significant snaps.

Jim (Jacksonville): With the rash of injuries on the "O" Line, how do you think they'll fare this weekend?

Jim (Jacksonville): With the rash of injuries on the "O" Line, how do you think they'll fare this weekend?
Barry Milligan,: You just can't lose two linemen like Rich and Stiglitz and not see a drop off. But Coach Gilbert and Offensive Coordinator Andy McLeod have put together two great games plans together the past two weeks and I feel they will do teh same against Valpo.

Jeff (Jacksonville): I see where Valparaiso leads the PFL in scoring. What kind of an offense do they run? Are they a run-and-shoot team that throws 80 percent of the time, or are they a more balanced attack?

Jeff (Boca): Can you give me an injury update on the O-Line? How do you think this will effect the offence Saturday? Do you think we will need to throw the ball more to win this game? How does Valpo compare to Butler?
Barry Milligan,: Check the earlier responses Jeff for the injury update. We may need to pass a bit more but JU is still confident with Jerry Brant and Bryan Gamble and their ability to rush the ball. The Valpo offense is more explosive than Butler's but I would be surprised if this is another 54-38 game like the one in Valparaiso two years ago!
Barry Milligan,: Thanks so much for all of your questions. The pregame show will begin on ESPN 1460 at 12:30 EST Saturday afternoon or be sure to log on to judolphins.com for a link to the game broadcast.