JUSN weekly chat with Barry Milligan
 Barry Milligan will take your questions about the Dolphins upcoming games.
The JUSN Weekly Chat is back with the "Voice of the Dolphins" Barry Milligan talking about this week's upcoming game against North Greenville and the Dolphins dramatic run to contention in the Pioneer Football League. Feel free to post your questions before the "Voice" answers them on Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Josh (Jacksonville): Hey Barry, now that the offensive line is healing up well, what are we going to do about the receiving core and their injuries? How is the Jenner guy doing?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: We really ot a "break" this week because Michael didn't! Jenner has bruised ribs and was back at near full speed today We are very pleased with the receivers and really proud of Geavon Tribble who had three TD passes last week.

Brian (Jacksonville): Hey there Barry, I don't think I can take another close one from these guys, man it's great. I was listening to the broadcast on Saturday and have been following the recent headlines on all the injuries JU has been going through, hows it looking up front for the Dolphins and how is Chris feeling?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: Chris Horton has been a little banged up but no more than you would expect from a QB that runs as much as he does and takes hits. He has looked good in practice this week. Josue Sanchez has had a tough week with rehab for his back but was feeling much better at practice today and hopefully will play Saturday night.

Jeff (Jacksonville): What do you make of the controversy over the possibility of San Diego making the NCAA I-AA playoff field and skipping the Gridiron Classic? (http://i-aa.org/article.asp?articleid=81610) If USD runs the table, finishes undefeated and is selected for the I-AA playoffs, does the PFL's second place finisher take USD's place against the Northeast Conference champions?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: In the event USD gets a I-AA bid, the second place team would represent the PFL. If JU runs the table, it wouldn't matter but the Toreros are a very strong team and will be very tough to beat even at Milne Field. I think many at the NCAA level would hesitate to award a bid to a non-shcolarship team regardless of record or ranking.

Jim (Baker County): If football wins this weekend and loses out, they will be 5-5. I hope that doesn't happen, but if it does, how long will the mediocrity be put up with?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: A 5-5 record this year is far from mediocre despite the actual number. JU is the only team in the PFL to compete with two fully funded I-AA programs. We could have easily scheduled easier teams like many of our opponents.

Shaun (Gainesville): The San Diego game next Saturday is HUGE. How is the Athletic Department going to market the game to try and get an enormous crowd?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: Let's not look past north Greenville just yet...but you are correct; the USD game will may be the biggest game ever played at Milne Field and we will respond appropriately.

Tampa: The Dolphins have had a great season in spite of their travel schedule. How are schedules made, and do you foresee another year with 4 consecutive weeks of travel?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: This is the first year of having one division in the PFL and the travel was a result of that. I certainly hope that we don't ever play four in a row on the road again; I'm too old for that!

Dave, Jax Beach: I would be interested to know why the team stopped at the Univ. of Tenn. facilities on the way to Morehead State. Do the coaches really think that had a positive or benificial effect on the team's morale?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: Keep in mind, first, that being a student-athlete at JU is more than playing games. The staff had an opportunity to show our players a facility unlike one they would ever see. It was awesome. Phil Fulmer left his office to come to the field and find Coach Gilbert to welcome him to UT, and all this right in front of the team. Do you think that made a difference? Who knows. I think it was a trip our players will never forget. That is a big part of our mission to build well rounded young men.

Thomas (Jacksonville): It appears that the big show down will be against San Diego. We need the largest crowd ever to attend the game and support the team. How do you get that support for that game? Advertising, Marketing.
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: We will do all possible to have Coach Gilbert on local radio, work with the Times-Union and market the game internally to try and have the best turnour ever from the campus community.

RC Tampa: Barry; First of all in light of the recent success of JU, I would like to give a BIG shout out to the offensive line and tight play.They are the beat up and hodgepodge at times but getting it done.Props to them.. My question is why aren't they throwing more to the tightend? seems like they are not using a real weapon in they're arsenal. Charlie Lusk has great hands and size,any thoughts on this....
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: In recent games, we have faced teams with excellent linebackers and secondaries that are not as talented. It's been easier to isolate our wideouts on one-on-one matchups with opposing DB's as opposed to opening things for Charlie against a speedy LB. I agree that Lusk is a weapon and has very good hands and will step up when called upon.

Jack, Daytona: The JU offense has several weapons so which will be called upon this weekend?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: With a running back like Jerry Brant, that is always the first option. Estabishing the run is the same at our level as it is at all others...you control the clock, the tempo of the game and open up the passing game for our talented receivers.

Jerry (Beverly hills): Do you think the receiving corps, especially Geavon Tribble are the best group we've ever had at being big play makers in Jacksonville's history.
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: It's hard to argue with results. JU has so many "big plays" (20+ yards) from the passing game that it has been the surprise of the offense. I think Offensive Coordinator Andy McLeod and Coach Gilbert have found weaknesses in the opposing defenses at very opportune times. No disrespect to receivers of the past, but this group is right up there in talent and I can tell you first hand that it is a great group of kids. Tribble, Jenner, Connor, Bell...and others...all great kids.

David, Indiana: Has the staff developed a scheme to assist Jerry Brant in running the ball against a eight in the box defense?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: I think we have seen some of that in the past two weeks with fullback Jeremy Brown being a larger part of the offense. Also we have the ability to run Jerry out of the backfield and catch swing passes as we did last week to isolate him on a defender. Brand is a very good pass receiver.

Mark, Tampa: Will All-Star Nate Conner take every kick off and punt return? And if so will the down field blockage set him up for big returns?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: I tink Nate may have had some mid-season confidence issues after starting the season as hot as he did. In my opinion, Nate regained his stride with his first catch against Dayton in the Homecoming win and I expect him to continue to have an excellent season. He is as dangerous as it gets in the PFL on kickoff and punt returns...Coach Luther Price does a great job of special teams scheming and the team works on that every day at practice.

Paul (Jacksonville): Will Geavon Tribble be able to play this week against North Greenville. He was injured in the third quarter and continued to play and made the game winning touchdown. What is his status and the extent of the injury.
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: "G" has a little bit of a tweaked hamstring. He has worked at nearly full speed all week and will take a little extra care to make sure he stays stretched out in the cold weather we expect at Greenville Saturday night.

Jack ( St. Augustine): How satisfied are you with the receivers. Conner,Tribble and Jenner. All have similar stats and seems to have a tight bond between them. How good are they? Do they all return next year?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: Nate and Michael have one year left, two for Geavon. I really like these guys as young men and as receivers.

Ken, Orlando: Has the coverage staff developed plays for CB Noel the play more lose and break on INT's?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: That is always part of the natural development for a corner.Noel may be the most improved player in the PFL and stepped into a dramatic situation with Bryan Flowers injury in the season opener. Noel is third on the team with 41 tackles and is among the league leaders with 8 passes defensed. He is progressing beautifully.

Travis (Lake Wales): How do you think the Dolphin's defense will match up against North Greenville's rushing attack? And how do you think the Dolphin's offense will fair against the Crusader defense?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: Despite the gawdy numbers, I think our defense will step up. The Crusaders QB, Eric Moeller, has passed for over 1700 yards and has an efficiency rating over 150. He is very good. I expect our offense to try and run the ball early to get Brant going. Their secondary makes a lot of tackles...let's see if Jerry can cause a coupld of them to miss and break a big one.

Brad, Jax: At this point what are the thoughts on the kicking game. Punting net seems to have improved past 2-3 games, place kicking and kickoffs seem to be reasonably consistent. How missed is last years kicker? Does the coaching staff have any current feelings about the results of the kicking game.
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: Anytime you lose the best kicker in your league, you can expect a decline. Our freshmen have kicked well in some not so favorable situations. Joe Rektenwald will go back to punting this week which will allow Donovan Curry to concentrate fully on field goals.

OP: How does NGU compare to some of our previous opponents this year?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: Perhaps unfortunately, NGU looks a little like Davidson. It's a team with not so great size across the board but with really good quickness and tackling ability. Fortunately for us, we are not playing the fourth road game in a row!

Justin (palatka): how do you see the season so far? Have this years dolphins met, exceeded, or fallen short of your expectations?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: Let's see...we played Gardner-Webb even for the first half...out-played SE Louisiana in the second half and are 4-1 in the PFL and in second place by a half-game with our Championship destiny in our own hands. We also have a chance to set an all time record for road wins in a season...we have had a good season to date with the potential for greatness.
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: Thanks so much for all of you taking the time to send questions. This is the best response we have ever had for one of our chats and makes me even more excited about the progress of the JU Football program. As always, I am available offline to answer any questions or take any suggestions you may have.