JUSN weekly chat with Barry Milligan
 Barry Milligan will take your questions about the Dolphins upcoming game.
The JUSN Weekly Chat is back with the "Voice of the Dolphins" Barry Milligan talking about this week's upcoming game against North Greenville and the Dolphins dramatic run to contention in the Pioneer Football League. Feel free to post your questions before the "Voice" answers them on Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Middleburg: Why doesn't JU go for a first down when it's fourth and short? What better way to fire up the offense then to let your offensive line set the tone for the game? "If you're not willing to fail you'll never succedd"
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: I do agree with your basic premise but, keep in mind, when you are on the road against a motivated opponent, taking chances like that can easily backfire...and this opponent was highly motivated!

Tampa: I hope I'm not the only who feels this way...but I've been to all but 2 of the Dolphins' road games, and every game lost I felt was due in large part to coaching. What is the consensus of the quality of the Dolphins coaching staff?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: Keep in mind that three of our four losses came to teams with scholarship programs and two of those were fully funded. It was obvious that North Greenville had been waiting a year for this as a "revenge" game and our team did not respond to that. I do feel the coaches have done a very good job this year developing a young secondary, inexperienced wide receivers and brand new kickers.

RC(Tampa): Don't you think we need to "let it all hang out" with the offense this week? I think its time to get a little more aggressive. The game this week will be a defining game for the Dolphins.
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: It's a crap shoot against a team like San Diego. Conventional wisdom calls for establishing the run to try and shorten the game and limit the number of offensive possessions the Toreros get over the course of the game. You just can't get into a scoring battle with a team that averages 40-plus in the league and has three 50-plus games.

Ken (Delaware): What changes will be made to stop this team coming in?...obviously coach Gilbert is so worried about his "System" that he fails to make changes to really stop a high powered offense.How bout a surprise or 2 ? a QB,if hit to many times is not as effective..this kid needs to have someone hit him every play and hard,but that would probablly be out of the system,!sometimes a coach needs to go out of the box.look at the Raiders D last sunday..they were sending 8-9 players every play and hit the QB almost every play...and see what happened...we will get out coached again..this team needs to find some players and fast..someone who wants to hit...some men need to step up.
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: I agree that we will have to be agressive against San Diego but you have to pick your spots or it will be a disaster. Aaron Woods is out this week and that makes the secondary even more shallow. If we send blitzers...and we will...it will come given certain tendencies that SD has shown this season.

Matt (Orlando): The loss to North Greenville is another loss to a scholarship program. Do you feel that JU should schedule a lighter schedule to try to pull in a winning season rather then the .500 push?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: Good question. I do feel we should have a reason to play fully funded programs. Home and home games against D-I opponents are tough when there is no financial guarantee involved. I think we will definitely take a hard look at scheduling these teams in the future. With that said, we open the season next year against Bethune-Cookman at Alltel Stadium so that is a game we will have to be ready for big time!

Ryan -Jacksonville: Each week it becomes apparent that Geavon Tribble is a big playmaker. We will need that against San Diego. Why don't we get the ball in his hands more often. Does the quarterback have tunnel vision for Conner.
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: Nate had many more single coverage opportunities in the North Greenville game than did Geavon. It's hard to try reverses and the like against teams with excellent perimeter speed...last weeks opponent had that and this weeks does, as well.

Tommy- Jacksonville Beach: I am anticipating a great game Saturday.I will be in attendance and I hope to see our receivers take over the game. Geavon Tribble is an unbelievable talent, how did we get him? I am surprised He's not playing for one of the big 1A schools. I am happy he's here.
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: Geavon has certainly developed into a receiver with big play capabilities. He is very athletic and has breakaway speed. I think his progress is also a tribute to our strength and conditioning program...he has really become an excellent athlete.

OP: What defensive adjustments will we see to deal with this explosive offense of USD?
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: I would ask Offensive Coordinator Craid Hauser but he has had 300 cups of coffee and has watched a thousand hours of game tape since we got home Sunday. The best you can do against a team that AVERAGES 500 yards of offense a game is to stay focused and maintain discipline...we can't have guys trying to freelance and make big plays on their own. San Diego is much too explosive for us to try and take chances and make mistakes as a result that allow more points.
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: If you are in the area, I encourage you to come to Milne Field Saturday for what will be one of the biggest home games in JU Football history. If you aren't able to make it, listen to all the action via our website. Thanks so much for your support and GO Dolphins!