JUSN In-game Blog & Chat - JU at Gardner-Webb
 Join the JUSN for a live blog & chat during tonight's game
Join the JU Sports Network tonight live courtside in Boiling Springs, N.C., as the Dolphins take on Gardner-Webb. editor Joel Lamp and "Voice of the Dolphins" Barry Milligan will provide their insight and thoughts as the game develops. Fans are encouraged to send in questions throughout the game as well.
Joel Lamp, Editor: 10 minutes before tipoffWelcome to tonight's first in-game chat and blog. We hope that you enjoy our bonus coverage of tonight's game.

A very good crowd here tonight at that is traditionally one of the loudest in the league.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Five minutes before tipoff: Tonight's game marks our second trip through the Atlantic Sun Conference. It will be interesting to see how our young guys handle a team that has already played us.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Pick to click tonight:I'll take Jesse Kimbrough. He's been playing well of late and if we get the tempo going our way, he'll be tough to stop.
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: Pick to click: I'm going with Corey Claitt. He's due for a big game.
Joel Lamp, Editor: A reminder...feel free to post a question to us in the box below and we'll try to answer it ASAP.

Jacksonville: How is the recruiting looking for next year? Have we signed any players at this point? Addams
Joel Lamp, Editor: Recruiting is looking good. We've already signed one player - Travis Cohn, a 6-1 guard from Decatur, Ala. (Austin High School). Travis comes from a really good high school program that played in the 6A state Final Four last year.

We'll be signing a few more players in the spring. How many? I'm not sure, but we're going to be able to focus on needs this year.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Key to victory: Get the tempo up and put pressure on G-Webb. They play tough, hard-nosed basketball at home. If we can get the tempo up, we've got a chance.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Beautiful possesion...Lehmon gets a great lay-in from running in transtion off a steal from Marcus Allen. Good start for JU.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 4, GWU 0 Marcus steps up and hit a 15-footer...we need a big game from him tonight.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 7, GWU 0 Corey Claitt nails a shot as the shot clock winds down...big time play by Barry's guy.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 7, GWU 4 Turnovers hurting the Dolphins...GWU converts two straight with easy baskets.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 7, GWU 6 First subs here at the 16:12 mark...Tyrone Curnell comes off the bench for JU.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 7, GWU 6 Timeout on the floor...Tyrone comes in and is instant offense, getting the ball and going up strong, drawing a foul to shoot free throws.
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: It is a little warm in Paul Porter Arena tonight. A chilly outside after a beautiful day, but it's a little toasty in here.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 7, GWU 6 My pick to click is now in foul trouble as Jesse picks up his second foul less than five minutes into the game.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 9, GWU 8 Eight unanswered by GWU is stopped by a great move by Lehmon on the block.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 11, GWU 13 JU running a future lineup out there...five freshmen on the floor right now for the, what this lineup could do in the future.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 16, GWU 15 A hectic few possessions as the Dolphins get a 3-pointer from Derek Duggins.

Derek has really stepped up in the last three games, averaging nine points in each, courtesy of a career-high 13 at ETSU. He has a lot of potential and is armed with some experience now.

Doug (Jacksonville): Great idea guys! Is Evan Jefferson on scholarship this year or is he still considered a walk on?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Doug, I'm not real sure, so I'll have to look into that after the game, but I don't think so.

Evan has been a big addition to our program and is now a wily veteran on this group of youngins.

Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 18, GWU 20 Chris Gash has scored five in a row for GW. He's a senior with a lot of epxerience and knows how to win ball games.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 20, GWU 20 Speaking of Evan...he races down the baseline drives to the basket and lays in to tie the game.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 20, GWU 22 Sanders is going to work right now for GW. The junior transfer has eight points here in the first 12 minutes...we need to do a better job on cutting him off to the basket.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 22, GWU 26 Gash with his third 3-pointer...We didn't do a very good job on contesting the screen and he had a great look.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 25, GWU 26 Lehmon shows why he's the second best percentage-wise 3-point shooter for JU, hitting a trey in the corner. When we come back from the timeout, he'll be shooting the front end of a 1-and-1.
Joel Lamp, Editor: BTW, a snazzy outfit for the Bulldog mascot. He's in a red suit with a very stylish black dress shirt to complement it. You just don't see mascots dressing up these days.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 26, GWU 26 Lehmon in double figures again...with 10 points in the first 14 minutes.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Back and forth we go...Curnell slams home a steal to put us up by four but Sims hits a trey for GW to cut it back to one.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Let me say this...GREAT HUSTLE BY TYRONE CURNELL. This guy never gives up on the ball and that has been key for us so far.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Great move by Marcus...lay up is good to give him eight points. This is the Marcus Allen we got to know and love last year as a freshman.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 34, GWU 29 3:30 left in the half and Jesse Kimbrough has yet to score. If you told me this before the game, I might have called you crazy. We're getting great nights from our post players right now and we're doing a good job of working the ball around the perimeter to get them the ball.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Nine point lead...we're doing evrything right...rebounding, running up and down the floor...a 6-0 run over the last two minutes to take a 40-29 lead...I love what I'm seeing right now.
Joel Lamp, Editor: This last 1:44 is very important for JU. We need to keep this run going and finish this half strong to take the mo into the locker room.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Great defense by Marcus on the past two possession...two blocks, a deflection and another block to tie up Sanders. Last possession belongs to JU.
Joel Lamp, Editor: HALFTIME...great finish by JU, holding GW scoreless over the last 4:54 of the half...41-29.

But not without some controversy...Tyrone skied for a tipin at the buzzer which rimmed out, but one of GW's players threw the ball and hit Tyrone in the head...the referee chased him down the floor to give the player an earful.

Steve (Jacksonville): Is JU going to put in a bid for the men's conference basketball tournament in the next few years?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Steve...great question. I'll try my best o answer this without to much knowledge on our AD's thoughts.

If my memory serves me right, next year the men's and women's championships will be held together at the same venue.

The bid process usually costs a lot of money to secure the championship. ETSU put together a very enticing bid two years ago for the men's tournament and they have a corporate sponsor who helps underwrite it, which is always a big help.

If we're going to put a bid in, we would work with the City of Jacksonville - Mike Sullivan and his staff - in working out a deal with hotels and the Arena.

Several schools are going to put a bid in for it, so it's going to come down to who has the most money behind it to secure it.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Halftime is almost over...our guys are back on the floor and looking really loose...we need to start the second half with a run to push this lead to 20.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Our halftime note - the JU freshmen have combined for 25 of JU's 41 points...and in the senior class, Ljubisa Vrcelj is the leading scorer among that group with two.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Let me say that I like what Lou brought to the floor in the few minutes he was on the floor...He was phyiscal, got after it and was aggressive on the offensive end. He's done a good job in developing into his role this year and knows that he needs to play well when his number is called.

L: Joel, What are we shooting at the Free Throw line ?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Not good...2-for-6...very unlike us right now. We need to turn that around in a hurry.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Dolphins are 6-1 this season when leading at the half...only loss was at Kennesaw two weeks ago.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Two great plays here...Great execution on O to get Marcus the ball and great job in the press forcing a turnover...Dolphins by 13.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 45, GWU 33 A wild turnover gets this crowd back into just a little...we've done a good job of taking them out of this game.

Mary, Hollywood: How much time is left in the game
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 43, GWU 32 16:25 left in the game.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 45, GWU 34 GW is starting to get some momentum just by husting...they chased down a loose ball and is starting to get back into it.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 47, GWU 37 Timeout on the floor...15:29 left. Boy, we needed this one right now.
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: This is a big timeout right here just from the stand point that we didn't have to call it. GW has some momentum right now and we need to slow it down some how.
Joel Lamp, Editor: A stop and basket for us would be a really big turn of events for us in the coming moments.
Joel Lamp, Ed