JUSN Bonus Coverage: Live chat & blog - JU at Campbell
Join the JU Sports Network live courtside in Buies Creek, N.C., as the Dolphins take on Campbell. editor Joel Lamp and "Voice of the Dolphins" Barry Milligan will provide their insight and thoughts as the game develops. Fans are encouraged to send in questions throughout the game as well.
Joel Lamp, Editor: 45 minutes before tipoff - Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Buies Creek on beautiful Saturday afternoon here in North Carolina.

Barry and I are ready for another game - with different challenges.

Campbell is very athletic and likes to run, which is a stark contrast to the 54-49 score they had in their win over UNF on Thursday.

I'm interested in seeing how we come out to start the game. We came out on fire against G-Webb in the first half but struggled in the second half. We're going to have to play for the entire 40 minutes today if we want to win this game.

Joel Lamp, Editor: 30 minutes before tipoff - This afternoon's pick to click. I'm going to take one of the unsung heroes from Thursday - Evan Jefferson. This may be one of those games where Evan is going to get some good looks in transition - and for us to win, he's going to have to hit those shots.
Barry Milligan, Voice of the Dolphins: My pick to click is going to be Jesse Kimbrough. He didn't have a good game on Thursday and he doesn't do that two games in a row. His play in the open court will be crucial today.
Joel Lamp, Editor: 3 minutes before tipoff - Russ Gibson isn't starting for Campbell...a groin injury for the senior forces the Camels into starting four guards.

We're going to see a lot of zone today and it is imperative for us to get our inside guys going.

Remember, the last time we played them at home...Marcus had 15 points and 18 boards while Lehmon and Tyrone both scored in double figures.

Lyndon - Jax: Are all our guys 100%.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Yes...everyone is healthy and ready to go (knock on wood)!
Joel Lamp, Editor: A note for you guys...this place, while it only holds 945 people, is L-O-U-D. They have 60+ in their pep band - and they make this place rock. It's a very unique atmosphere...very different and something to enjoy once a year (and I do mean just once a year - this is a tough bus trip).
Joel Lamp, Editor: Wow...Corey gets a rebound on our second possession, gets hacked and we have a double technical called on Corey and Campbell's Pringle.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 3, CU 0- Ben Smith for's good! We're working it inside to Marcus and when he gets doubled, he's kicking it out. So far, CU is in man defense.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 6, CU 0/b>- Working it around the perimeter, Jesse hits a 3...Great start for JU right now.
Joel Lamp, Editor: A lot of trash talking right now between both teams. These two teams are very tense early.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 6, CU 3- Rodriguez hits a three at the top of the slow down a JU run.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 6, CU 3- Marcus is out, Tyrone is in. This is the type of game where Ty can be big.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 8, CU 3- Ben Smith has come to play...he knocked down a tough 17-footer on the run.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 8, CU 3- First media timeout - 15:42 left in the half.

A good start for JU in the opening few minutes...much like Thursday.

We've held CU to a 1-of-6 shooting start...they are going to make a run at some point - we just have to do a good job on controlling and not let them get on a big one.

Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 8, CU 5- Jump ball...Tyrone couldn't control a bounce pass and we still have possession.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 8, CU 5- Marcus missed a layup on our last is imperative for our posts to convert good looks at the basket.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 10, CU 5- Claitt hits a fadeaway jumper on the baseline, then comes back with a block on a post player.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 10, CU 9- Here's the campbell run...a 3-pointer by Bishop has cut the lead to one.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 10, CU 9- Some observations at this point as we hit the 2nd media timeout - 11:32 left in the half.

This is going to be a very physical contest. Both teams are playing hard, but the refs are going to have their hands full keeping order in this one.

Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 12, CU 9- Lehmon gets a bucket, gets hit hard from behind but no call.

The press forces a turnover and we've got the ball back with a chance to extend the lead.

Joel Lamp, Editor: And Lehmon misses another bunny. We're getting looks inside, but we can't throw one in the ocean right now.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 15, CU 9- Jesse missed a jumper in the lane, we get the rebound and then Jesse hits a three...not a bad turn of events there.
Joel Lamp, Editor: I will say this...we're playing really solid defense right now. We've foreced six turnovers in the first 10 minutes today.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Campbell is 3-of-14 shooting right now...and we just got called for an offensive foul on Lehmon - illegal screen.

Brad (Vero Beach): Why is Campbell's mascot the Camels, when they are located in the middle of North Carolina?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Great clue...but I will ask counterpar here at CU for an answer.

Jerry (Jacksonville): The JU women's basketball team just knocked off Mercer, 58-47. Which JU basketball team do you think will finish with the most wins? The men or the women?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Jerry...that's going to be a great race! Right now the women are up by a couple of games and I could easily see them piling up several more as the end the season.

The guys are playing well, but we've got three of the top teams left to play at home.

Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 17, CU 14- Campbell is called the Camels because the founder was sick, they school building burned, somebody told him to get a hump on him and go to work in rebuilding it...thus Camels.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 20, CU 14- Evan hits a three on the wing to slow down the Campbell run. He then fouls Smith on a 3, so he's got some free throws coming up.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Foul trouble for JU...Marcus and Tyrone both have two fouls.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Back and forth we go...they get a basket in transition, Lehmon gets a layup on the back side...JU 22, CU 19
Joel Lamp, Editor: Ben Smith picks up a foul trying to take a charge...sneding Campbell to the free throw line again.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 22, CU 21- Your foul count is JU 9, Campbell 5...Free throws are 6-7 for CU, 0-0 JU.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Our guys look a little frustrated right now...we can't seem to get in a flow on offense right now.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 24, CU 24- A 3 by Eackles gave CU the lead until Tyrone came back and drove the baseline for a layup...4:15 left in the half.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 26, CU 24- Tyrone just got a steal at midcourt and raced to the basket to SLAM it home. I thought he might bring the house down with that one.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Media timeout here with 3:52 left in the half...we're not playing great, but we're not playing bad either - some shade of gray in-between.

We are getting out rebounded 17-12 right now, but our defense has held them to just 7-of-21 shooting.

Points off turnovers - JU 15, Campbell 7 - 15 points on EIGHT turnovers...that's a great conversion rate.

Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 26, CU 25- These final 3 minutes are going to be crucial. We need to finish strong.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Free throws are a big reason why Campbell is in this game...they are 8-of-11 right now.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 28, CU 29- Smith throws up a prayer from 26 feet with Smith draped on him and he makes it.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 31, CU 30- Marcus makes a pair as JU is now 2-of-3 at the FT line.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 30, CU 29- First, I messed up the score a second ago...this is the right score...timeout Campbell...2:14 left in the half.
Joel Lamp, Editor: We need to keep working the ball inside...Jesse has been posting his man up the last two possession and it gives us a great matchup because he has great post moves - especially for a guard.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Zone look for Campbell...first time today.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Marcus got a great look inside, but short armed a finger roll and it's an airball...CU basketball.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 32, CU 29- Lehmon gets a great pass from Ben in transition...lays it in. We need to keep finishing plays.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 32, CU 34- Campbell's sixth 3-pointer of the half tied the game...they are going to finish on a 7-0 run to take a 36-32 lead in at the half.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Halftime...down by four in a game that we should be up about five right now.

I'm taking a break...give Barry some thoughts on the radio and return with some thoughts and stats.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Feel free to fire questions away as well...thanks for the ones you've sent and keep them coming.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Thoughts and analysis from the first half:

FINISH - We've got to do a better job of finishing plays. When we get the ball inside, we've got to put it in the basket.

SLOW DOWN SMITH - Campbell's Eric Smith finished the half with 17 points - scoring the final four points. He's 5-of-9 from the floor and 2-of-5 from 3.

JUST PLAY - We're not getting any calls right now and our young guys are a little frustrated by that. We need to focus on the things that we control.