JUSN Bonus Coverage - Gametime blog - JU vs. Campbell
Join the JU Sports Network for bonus coverage as editor Joel Lamp blogs live from courtside at the JU-Campbell game in the quarterfinals of the A-Sun Championship.
Joel Lamp, Editor: 10:15 a.m. - five hours before tipoff: Good morning from Johnson City. It's been a busy morning as the team gets ready for this afternoon's game.

We just got done with our shootaround at the Memorial Center and the guys are in a very good mood and focused on the task at hand.

I'll be posting periodically during the morning and will be starting up with regular postings as we get closer to tipoff.

Feel free to send in your questions and I'll get to them as soon as I can.

Chris, Jacksonville: Hey Joel .... are the guys taking the underdog role for the tournament or are they taking the we should be the best route? Curious how Cliff and the staff are focusing them!
Joel Lamp, Editor: Chris, thanks for the question. I wouldn't necessarily say that he's playing the underdog card, but he's got the guys focused on correcting the mistakes we made at their place.

This game will be decided by who wants it more. We wanted it more at our place and they wanted it more at theirs.

I know it sounds simple, but that is pretty much what it boils down to.

Derek - Jacksonville: Is everyone healthy and expected to play?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Derek...we are back at full strength. We've got one guy under the weather, but that player will be ready to roll.
Joel Lamp, Editor: 10 minutes before tipoff: Starting 5 for JU - Jesse Kimbrough, Ben Smith, Corey Claitt, Lehmon Colbert and Marcus Allen.

Side note here...for us to win, we need a big game from our post players - Marcus, Lehmon, Tyrone, Ljubisa and Phillip. Those guys have to bring their hard hats today because it's going to be phyiscal and they better be ready.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Nearing tipoff: Not much of a crowd here for this game, but it will be packed for the ETSU game at 7 p.m.

Jim-Chicago: It was Artis Gilmore and the Dolphins who first got me interested in basketball. Best of luck to the Dolphins. Do you believe they have a legitimate shot at winning this tournament?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Jim - great to hear from you and thanks for your support.

Of course I think we've got a shot at winning it (I'll get fired if I don't), but I think that we have a chance.

The great thing about the tournament is that you just need to get hot for three days. I think these guys are capable of it - if we come out ready to play and play aggresively.

Steve - Atlanta: How many JU fans made the trip to Tennessee?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Steve, there are a few fans that have made the trip up here. While it's not a large contingent, we do have a cheering section (and let's hope they are vocal!).
Joel Lamp, Editor: Tipoff!!! We are underway.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 0, CU 0 Nice stop to start the game, forcing Rodriguez to take a long 3.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 0, CU 0 We turn it over trying to find Lehmon and they throw it right back out of bounds...19:05 - 1st.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 0, CU 0 Lehmon gets called for five seconds. Not a good job of recognizing the situation.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 2, CU 0 Lehmon gets a layup in transition...not pretty right now, but it's two young teams making their A-Sun Tourney debuts.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 4, CU 4 Campbell answered with a layup by Russ Gibson...followed by a jumper by Rodriguez.

Smith goes to work and drops a 15-footer for JU.

Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 4, CU 6 Campbell is being aggressive early, taking the ball to the basket and the free throw line.

16:53 - 1st. Marcus just called for travelling...not a the start we're looking for right now.

Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 4, CU 8 Rodriguez streaks up in transition and nails an uncontested layup. We're not moving much on offense.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 6, CU 8 - 15:42 timeout.

JU has gotten off to a sluggish start on offense. We're not moving without the ball and we're not getting back - not a recipe for success.

Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 6, CU 10 Rodriguez has six so far...picking up right where he left off at their place.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 6, CU 10 Back-to-back fouls on Campbell trying to guard our post players...Tyrone forces up a shot through the double team that doesn't go in.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Ben Smith for 3...YES!!

Jesse for 3...YES!!

JU 12, CU 10...14:12 1st.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Tyrone called for a charge...being aggressive...I don't mind this foul right now.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Tied at 12...13:20.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Eackles just missed a wide-open 28 footer...don't need to give him good looks.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Lehmon gets a great feed from Evan Jefferson on a drive and finishes it off. JU 14, CU 14.

Stephen (JU): How's our D?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Getting there Stephen...We've got to find Rodriguez and slow him down. Keeping their guards in front of us is CRUCIAL.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Gibson missed the first of two...Makes the second...JU 16, CU 15 - 12:15.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 16, CU 15...11:59 1stBetter four minutes of action for us.

We're starting to get into a flow on offense...Lehmon had four, Jesse and Ben have five.

Joel Lamp, Editor: We trail by 1...17-16. We need to keep swinging the ball right now on offense.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Marcus is fouled after getting an offensive rebound...We need more of these plays.

Got to get the ball inside and let the post guys go to work.

Joel Lamp, Editor: J 18, C 19
Joel Lamp, Editor: Lehmon with a big bucket in the lane...J 20, C 19.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU has its first foul trouble of the game as Claitt picked up his second foul.

Tony: Cliff's freshmen contingent sounds like they came ready to play. Especially Tyrone Curnell, drawing Campbell into some foul issues early on...
Joel Lamp, Editor: The freshmen have really taken off the second half of the season.

Tyrone had 20 at our place...Marcus had 15 and 18 boards. We need big games from them.

Stephen (JU): Seems like we are rebounding well, better than usual. Boards equal wins!
Joel Lamp, Editor: This is one of the FEW times this season that we're bigger than our opponent inside.

For us to win, we have to have a BIG advantage on the are dead on...BOARDS EQUAL WINS.

Joel Lamp, Editor: To get you caught up, we're getting the ball inside, but we're not finishing.

Tyrone just picked up his second foul...we need him to be more under control.

Joel Lamp, Editor: J 25, C 25...8:45.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Marcus is back in...sending Tyrone to the bench. Claitt and Curnell with two fouls each.
Joel Lamp, Editor: WOW!!! Great job by Evan Jefferson of getting back and blocking Wohlfeil's layup attempt and knocking off the Campbell player!

Stephen (JU): Are there a lot of people for Campbell there? Or is it a pretty empty game?
Joel Lamp, Editor: There's a lot of people here...just dressed as empty seats...about 12,000 of those.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Evan hits a wide open 3...J 28, C 25...timeout 7:24.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Some keys here...This is about the point where Campbell made their run at their place. We need to turn up the pressure and tempo right here and get momentum firmly on our side going into the locker room.

Tony: Joel, has it been posted yet who will host the 2008 A-Sun Tournament?
Joel Lamp, Editor: hasn't. The ADs are meeting on that tomorrow.

The big thing is that both the men's and women's tourneys will be together next year...that will significantly change who bids on it.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Wohlfield nails a trey in transition...tied at 28.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Campbell is getting up the floor quickly and getting good looks...we need to get back in transition a lot better than this.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Big basket by Lehmon in transition back at Campbell...Colbert has 10 already.

Stephen (JU): Any chance the tournament will be closer to home next year?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Not sure about that one. Stetson and JU aren't bidding on it...and Mercer isn't either. That leaves the Nashville schools and ETSU battling for it.

David (Jacksonville): Are you wearing your lucky tennis shoes?
Joel Lamp, Editor: I don't leave home without them!
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU 32, CU 29...We're doing a good job of getting the ball inside and getting good looks.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Steal by Duggins...pass to Kimbrough...JU 34, CU 29...TIMEOUT CAMPBELL!!! 4:29 left in the half.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Marcus Allen...six