FRIDAY, JUNE 01, 2007
JUSN Bonus Coverage - JU vs. #3 UNC in the NCAA Regional
 Join the JUSN with bonus coverage from the NCAA Regional
Join Barry Milligan and Joel Lamp as they broadcast Friday's first round game in the NCAA Regional against #3 North Carolina. They will be able to take your questions throughout the broadcast.

To listen to the broadcast, you can listen on WZNZ-1460 AM or via the Internet by clicking here.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Hello everyone and welcome to Chapel Hill as we get set for the Dolphins and Tar Heels in the first round of the NCAA Regional.

The game is scheduled to start at 6 p.m., but don't hold your breath on that one as we expect the ECU-WCU game to last a little bit longer than scheduled.

Feel free to fire questions into us throughout the game and we'll try to answer them in the broadcast as well as online here on the website.

We hope you enjoy the bonus coverage and look forward to talking more shortly.

Joel Lamp, Editor: ECU wins 9-8 over WCU and advances in the winners bracket. We will probably be starting about 10 minutes after 6.
Joel Lamp, Editor: We're live on the air...the pregame is show is rolling now...feel free to fire in your questions. First pitch is set for 6:05 p.m.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Dolphins starting lineup looks very similar to the one the claimed the A-Sun title.

Chuck Opachich will lead off, Mike McCallister at No. 2 and Pete Clifford in the 3-spot.

Ryan McArdle will bat cleanup, Thomas LePage in the 5-spot and Donnie Vickers will bat sixth.

Kevin Ferreira will hit seventh, Matt Lopez eighth and Logan James will hit ninth.

Joel Lamp, Editor: I really like the changes we've made to the lineup over the past few weeks as it has really energized our offense.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Matt Davis will toe the rubber for the Dolphins. The former closer faces one of the biggest tests of his JU career as this is his second appearance against an ACC team this season.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Lineups have been exchanged and we're ready for baseball. We look forward to bringing you all the action from the Regional throughout the weekend.

Jen Gardner (Danville, CA): Matt Gardner's sister here - the internet broadcast is not working for some reason - any chance it will be up and running before first pitch? Go JU!
Joel Lamp, Editor: Thanks for the head's up...we're working on that problem right now and it should be fixed shortly.

Mark (Jacksonville): I agree I like the lineup, I love having McCallister at the no. 2 spot. I think he can be dangerous there. How many fans showed up from JU?
Joel Lamp, Editor: We have a big contingent of fans...not as many as we would have if we were in Columbia, S.C...We sold around 125 tickets for the Regional that are JU fans (ECU was more than happy to take any extra tickets that we had left over).
Joel Lamp, Editor: Two up and quickly two away here in the first and UNC is pitching away to Clifford, although Woodard just caught the inside corner to even the count.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Unlucky shot by Clifford...riccochet off Woodard's glove and the shortstop fires over to first to end the JU half of the inning. JU 0, UNC 0 - Middle of the First
Joel Lamp, Editor: Josh - Talk a little bit about how well Matt Davis has done since making the move to the starting rotation.
Joel Lamp, Editor: The audio stream should be up and running now. If not, please let us know and we'll do our best to get it up and running ASAP.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Breaking ball gets Fronk away.
Joel Lamp, Editor: First pitch swinging...Two down on the fly out.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Three up, three down...Davis looks good in the first and we seem to have an air of confidence around us right now. JU 0, UNC 0 - End of 1
Joel Lamp, Editor: Nice piece of hitting...McArdle works the count, goes with the pitch to right field and JU has the leadoff man on in the second.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Josh - how important is it for the middle of the lineup to get going today?
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: The middle lineup can do the most damage but anyone in this lineup can squeeze a run across.

The game plan for us is to score some early runs (eighter by sac fly, groundout, etc.) to give Davis an early lead.

UNC is going to be off balance for three innings or so until they get used to Davis' stuff.

Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: Dolphins with a threat in the second...two on, two down here in the second. Lopez at the plate.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Woodard a little rattled here...UNC catcher Federowicz comes out and chats with him and then he plunks Lopez to load the bags for Woodard's best friend - Logan James.
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: Here is the matchup of old pals at the plate. A big hit here will send the Tar Heels reeling.
Joel Lamp, Editor: How big would a base hit be here? Although LePage almost got picked off third...we need to be smart on the bases.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Logan flies out to right field as the Tar Heels get out of a jam in the second. JU 0, UNC 0 - middle of the 2nd
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: Even though we didn't score on that at-bat, we showed the Tar Heels that we aren't here for the experience.

Davis needs another 1-2-3 inning to keep momentum in our favor.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Unlucky there as Federowicz singles up the middle, just whizzing past Davis' glove...leadoff hitter on for UNC in the second.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Ouch...Josh Horton doubles to right center - driving in Federowicz and UNC leads 1-0.

That's a tough pill to swallow as Davis was so close to making a play on the ground ball a few moments ago.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Chad Flack hits another double that skids past Ferreira in center and puts UNC up 2-0...nobody out in the second.
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: Coach Montez is coming out to settle Davis down. I'm sure he's not happy with what has occured.

We need to make sure UNC does not get a huge inning.

Joel Lamp, Editor: You're right about the huge inning...Remember, we were down 2-0 to FSU and rallied for that one...Don't think that the guys in green are remembering that right now.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Three straight doubles now...a 1-2 pitch driven into the gap and UNC leads 3-0.
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: You hate to see a big hit like that with the count in your favor.

UNC is showing why they are the No. 3 team. They don't hit for power and they don't steal bases but they are very aggressive at the plate.

Joel Lamp, Editor: There we down in the third...maybe that will get Davis refocused on the task at hand.
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: That was a nice play by LePage to settle things down a little. It also kept the runner from advancing from second.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Great play by Logan there...2 down, runner on third...We need to get out of this inning down just 3-0 so we can try to get some of the momentum back in the top of the third.
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: The defense needs to be solid if we are going to have a chance tonight. So far, they are backing up Davis.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Clifford makes the final out...End of the second...JU 0, UNC 3.
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: We need to answer back quickly to send a message back to UNC.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Also, at this point, let me emphasize how important it is to have M&Ms in the press box at the Regionals.

We had them last year in UGA and we have them again this year...needless to say, I'm gaining a few pounds on this trip.

Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: I knew you would be a happy camper when I saw those. Too bad the Hospitality Tent is so far away...
Joel Lamp, Editor: Yeah...may save my life on this trip!
Joel Lamp, Editor: Mac takes strike three on the was close, but you've got to protect the plate on those with two strikes.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Oiy...Clifford goes down looking as Woodard worked him away-away and away. Middle of the third - JU 0, UNC 3
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: They got the scouting report right on our guys. We are going to have to adjust as the game goes on. We need to have runners on base though when Clifford comes up. So far, he hasn't had an RBI opportunity.
Joel Lamp, Editor: You make a great point there...It is IMPERATIVE for us to get runners on when Pete steps up.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Great play by Vickers in fielding the bunt in front of the plate...firing a laser to McArdle for the second out here in the third.
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: There wan't much room for error on that play.
Joel Lamp, Editor: You said Josh...the defense has to back up Davis and they have so far. End of three - JU 0, UNC 3
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: Good to see Davis bounce back the way he did. He showed his competative nature in that inning. Now we need to get a run across the plate.
Joel Lamp, JUSN Editor: You're not kidding...remember the FSU game, this was when we made our move in that one - second time through the lineup now for JU so they know what Woodard is all about right now.