JUSN Bonus Coverage - JU vs. WCU
 Join the JUSN with bonus coverage from the NCAA Regional
Join Barry Milligan and Joel Lamp as they broadcast Saturday's elimination game in the NCAA Regional against Western Carolina. They will be able to take your questions throughout the broadcast.

To listen to the broadcast, you can listen on WZNZ-1460 AM or via the Internet by clicking here.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Welcome to Boshamer Stadium...another beautiful day here in North Carolina, although it is overcast, which is probably a good thing to keep the temperature at tolerable level.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Terry Alexander making some lineup changes today to add some life to the offense.

The first four is the same - Chuck Opachich, Mike McCallister, Pete Clifford and Ryan McArdle.

Then, there's the changes...Ben Kerr gets the start at third and will bat fifth. Donnie Vickers in the six spot, followed by John Tiner getting the nod in center field.

The lineup winds up with Matt Lopez and Logan James.

Joel Lamp, Editor: It will be interesting to see how the lineup changes get the offense going. I think Tiner getting the start is also a boost for the defense.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Matt Gardner will get the start on the hill for JU in his second biggest start of the season.

He's facing a POTENT lineup for Western Carolina, so it is imperative for him to have a solid outing.

Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: The Dolphins are certainly going to have to put some runs across the plate because the Catatmounts can swing the stick.

They were hitting the ball all over the park in BP but I like the fact that we have Gardner on the hill.

He has the kind of demeanor that we need to get us in the win column.

Addams (Jacksonville): How is the team morale after yesterday's tough loss?
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: To be honest with you Addams, the team is ready to get back onto the field and play.

It's not like we were manhandled by the Tar Heels last night. We got hits but just couldn't get them with men on base.

We have 10 seniors on this team and I think they play their best when their backs are against the wall because most of them will be playing ball for the last time.

We will see how they respond early on at the plate but I think Gardner is going to set the tone from the mound.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Everyone was in good spirits this morning as we left the hotel. These guys have been here before - just last week for instance.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Kudos to the UNC Marketing folks with the pregame music today...a truly great music mix - with Gardner warming up to Vibrations from Marky Mark.
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: There has been everything from YMCA to the soundtracks of Saturday Night Fever and Boogie Nights to a little Shaka-Khan.
Joel Lamp, Editor: First pitch gets an out...then a 3-2 count comes out Blake Murphy getting plunked to put a runner on.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Uh oh...Steven Strausbaugh puts a charge into one that hits midway up the fence in center field to drive in a run with a triple.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Great snag by Logan James on the ground ball up the middle and fires to first to get the second out - but a run scores.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Lopez catches the pop up on the first pitch to end the inning - Middle of the 1st - WCU 2, JU 0
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: Even though they got two runs, Logan came up big to put a stop to the bleeding. Now the offense has to respond. If we get that first run across, things should get easier.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Josh, this has turned a big inning at bat now hasn't it? We need to get a run now in a bad way - especially against the crafty left hander - Drew Saberhagen (son of Bret, the former Royals pitcher).

Jen Gardner (CA): How does Gardy's off-speed pitches look? If his off-speeds are working, he should hopefully be able to keep them off balance.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Gardy's off-speed and breaking balls were good - he just left a couple of pitches up and you can't do that against these guys - which was why Tim Montez made his trip to the mound in the middle of the inning.
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: Gardy hasn't looked completely sharp so far. Montez had to come out after the triple and talk to him about his mechanics a little. He recovered for two straight outs so I think he will be OK.
Joel Lamp, Editor: McCalister laces a shot off the wall in left center...hitting it to the deepest part of the ball park for a one-out double.
Joel Lamp, Editor: OUCH - McCallister gets picked off. Two down - nobody on with Clifford at the plate.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Clifford hits one hard - but right at the right fielder. End of one - WCU 2, JU 0
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: Not sure what happend on that play. McCallister went on first movement and Saberhagen wheeled around. I have no idea how he could have know he was going, it was a really lucky play.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Nick Liles hits a shot to left field and Clifford misplays it - turning a single into a double and now the Catamounts have another scoring opportunity.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Two down - Liles on third as Gardy tries to get out of a jam.
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: I thought Gardy got squeezed a little bit on that at-bat. Liles look like he took strike three on two straight pitches before pulling it to left.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Slow roller to short, Lopez's throw is high - allowing the inning to continue as WCU gets another run.

Alan V (Jacksonville): Go Fins!
Joel Lamp, Editor: Two on and two outs now as this inning has somewhat snowballed.

We need to get out of this inning ASAP.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Clifford saves the day by stealing a homer from Blake Murphy...Middle of the second - WCU 3, JU 0

Crash (Durham): Advice for Gardy: Don't try to strike everybody out. Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls - it's more democratic.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Thank you Crash...we'll pass that down to the dugout.
Joel Lamp, Editor: McArdle goes down swinging to start the second.

Jen (CA): I agree Crash - but the defense has to step it up and play rock solid.
Joel Lamp, Editor: That is VERY TRUE. I don't where our heads are at right now.
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: Clifford makes a tremendous play to keep the Dolphins in the game. That is the second big catch I've seen him make at the wall (ETSU) this year.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Kerr goes down swinging for the second out - Saberhagen now has three Ks.
Joel Lamp, Editor: OUR FIRST BREAK! Vickers reaches on an error.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Wow...the ball gets away from the catcher and Vickers tried to take second but gets gunned on a perfect throw.

End of two - WCU 3, JU 0

Joel Lamp, Editor: Tough play there as Strausbaugh lays down a perfect bunt to get on to leadoff the third.
Joel Lamp, Editor: DOUBLE PLAY!!! Off the glove of Gardy - it goes right to Lopez who steps on second and fires to first.
Joel Lamp, Editor: And that double play is huge because Jonathan Greene just launched one over the wall in center field for a solo homer.
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: Half the press box thought Tiner had caught it but it was clearly crushed by Greene to the deepest part of the ballpark.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Gardy recovers to strike out John Ingram to finish the Catamounts third. Middle of the 3rd - WCU 4, JU 0
Joel Lamp, Editor: You're right about that ball...If Tiner had a ball in his back pocket he could have sold the entire world on that one.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Here we go...Tiner leads off the third with a single after just missing an extra base hit on ball that just went foul.
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: Tiner is one of those guys who always finds a way to get a hit. They may not be conventional and awe inspiring but he gets on base.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Kenny Smith makes a diving catch on the line to retire Lopez.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Two down now as Logan is on first via a fielder's choice.
Josh Ellis, JUSN Analyst: That was a heck of a play by Smith. He dove, caught the ball and then slid into foul territory.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Opachich keeps the inning alive with a two out single...two on, two out for McCallister.
Joel Lamp, Editor: McCallister hits a lazy fly ball to right field and that ends the third with JU leaving two on base. End of three - WCU 4, JU 0.
Joel Lamp, Editor: JU's scoreless streak in the Regionals is now at 13 straight innings - dating back to last year in Georgia.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Three up and three down - first time today for WCU. First goose egg on the board for Western. Middle of the 4th - WCU 4, JU 0.

Jen (CA): They're definitely due! Let's get some runs now!
Joel Lamp, Editor: NO DOUBT...and Clifford starts the inning by striking out - Saberhagen's fourth.<