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Football is off this week, but the volleyball team is at home on Thursday and Friday, facing former national champions Washington at Swisher Gym.

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Joel Lamp, Editor: Welcome as AT&T presents the JUSN Weekly Chat here on

The questions are piled up, so let's get right to it...

Jon (Jax): We have started off the year 0-2 which doesn't look promising. What are the chances of a PFL championship if we can't beat any scholarship teams?
Joel Lamp, Editor: First question today is a fastball from Jon.

Let's look at that 0-2 record...we've played two scholarship teams that are going to be good in their respective leagues. The only school in the PFL that has played "up" thus far is Drake - and they knocked off #7 Illinois State in its opener.

The chances of a PFL title are still good. We'll find out a lot about this team in the next two games at home.

Jack, Jacksonville: The offense appears to be struggling to make plays what changes are to be speculated?
Joel Lamp, Editor: I wouldn't say the offense has been struggling to make plays as much as finish drives.

In the first half of each of the first two games, we were able to move the ball well and put some points on the board.

In the second half of each of the two games, we haven't been able to put a lot of points. We've been able to move the ball, just not finishing the drives.

We are making plays, but we're not making a lot of big plays - the kind that change the outcome of the game thus far.

I think a lot of that is the guys are still adapting to a new offensive philosophy and terminology - doing more thinking than playing. Once they start playing, I think you'll see this offense take off.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Ok...several questions about the JV, I'll post them all and address them quickly.

Jean, Orlando: Do the coaches expect to take a look at those returning players this week that didn't come to camp. Because there are some names the fans noticed that did not made the game depth chart but where expected to greatly contribute this year.

Stan, Jacksonville: We have a week off from play will the coaches ask the JV program to compete with the Varsity for personal evaluations?

Stew (Gadsden, Alabama): When is the JV team coming to play in Alabama.

Palm Coast, Fla: How does the JV football look this year are do you have a roster for the team ? Are any of the varsity guys going to be playing down?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Ok...let's address JV roster issues and evaluation one last time.

The JV program is designed to bring depth to the program and allow the younger guys an opportunity to gain experience in game situations that they wouldn't otherwise get sitting on the bench with the varsity.

If you're a JV player, you have to look at everything you do as an opportunity to impress the coaches.

If you have a bad attitude, don't do your classwork, and complain about being on the JV, then you're not going to do yourself any good.

If you're on the JV, you've got to look at each game as a chance to impress the coaching staff.

Stan - I'm not sure what the practice schedule is this week, but I imagine there will be some work between the varisty and JV group at some point, but I don't know for sure.

Stew - There are no games scheduled for Alabama right now, and it will be tough to do so in the future unless you know of a school that has JV football.

To answer the question from Palm Coast, I don't forsee varsity players "playing down" because of NCAA rules. But, if they haven't partiicpated in a game, they have 11 games to play in a season - they don't all have to be a the varsity level.

David B, South FL.: Since the JV program is in full effect how much talent and which positions are the coaches expected to look at.
Joel Lamp, Editor: David, I think they will look at all of them for evaluation. This group is always under observation and don't think that they have their eye on any one position over another.

Johan, Jacksonville: The special teams posistioning has been a factor for the last two games. Have the coaches decided to make roster changes yet?

Billy, Orange Park: I'm a big dolphin fan and I have season tickets are we making roster changes?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Ok...let's define roster changes. If we're talking about whether a guy is on the team or not, that isn't happening.

If roster changes mean positioning and depth chart, then I think we'll see some over the next two weeks.

We saw three players at free safety on Saturday, so that seems to be a cause for concern for right now.

As for special teams, we're perfect on field goals and extra points, so positioning is good there.

We had a little trouble with punts on Saturday, but I think that had more to do with Gardner-Webb than anything else. Our kickoff and punt return teams have been pretty good - Cameron Abdallah is ranked in the top 10 nationally in kickoff return yardage, so it's hard to argue with their success.

Mayberry, Atlanta: I've seen this secondary in action and they play big in coverage. However there are some concerns about their tackling skills, what changes are expected for the home-opener.
Joel Lamp, Editor: It's not good if our defensive backs are making a lot of tackles.

Having said that, I feel like our DBs are pretty good tacklers.

Do we want them to be making 6-10 a game? No. But they have made most of the ones so far.

George, Chicago: I would like to know where did our volleyball coach played volleyball?
Joel Lamp, Editor: George, he played club at Miami University in Ohio.

Bob (Stark): what is the injury report looking like after last weeks game? Anything to worry about?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Nothing to report right now...we're actually in good shape and should be able to use this bye week to get healed up and ready to roll for UNC-Pembroke.

Orange Park: Who will the starting D-Line be, the starting lineup has changed from the two games?
Joel Lamp, Editor: The starting D-Line changed due to the opponents style of play and injuries.

I imagine that the front four starting will be Mirco Zanella, Kiel Pierce, Austin Knipp (who had a big game in his season debut on Saturday), and Haywood Range.

Remember, we've haven't faced a conventional opponent yet, so it's hard to get a read on it.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Thanks so much for your questions and for joining us today.

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