AT&T Presents the JUSN Weekly Chat
 AT&T Presents the JUSN Weekly Chat
Join editor Joel Lamp as AT&T presents the JUSN Weekly Chat on Monday at 4 p.m. Feel free to fire your questions in early as they will answered when the room opens at 4.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Hello everyone and welcome as AT&T presents the JUSN Weekly Chat.

It's was an exciting and busy week last week and another one is in front of us.

So without further ado, let's get to your questions.

Howard, Jacksonville: I like free games but I didn't know who the JV players where. Will stats and a roster become available on the site soon?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Thanks for the question Howard. We're discussing the how to put the roster on the site and keep it accurate - which will be difficult as guys are shuttled between the varsity and JV. Most of the JV players are on the varsity roster, so having another roster with a different set of numbers would be confusing to a lot of people.

As for stats, we do not bring our stat crew in for non-varsity events. We kept quickie stats in the press box to write yesterday's story, but that was all.

Reese, Jacksonville: The next JV game is weeks away, will some players who performed well get a look this week?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Reese, thanks for firing in the question. As I've mentioned each week, the coaches are evaluating these student-athletes every day - not just on the field, but away from the field as well.

They are getting a look and several guys stood out yesterday.

Joel, Boca Raton: The performance from the JV players did not appear that they had only been practicing recently. They had several players homing to the ball and made many great plays on defense. Who had the most tackles?
Joel Lamp, Editor: No, I didn't post this question, but you're right, they have not been practicing recently.

A lot of the guys on defense have been in since camp or went through spring practice. They know the system and executed well.

I will say tackles is a tough stat for us to keep up with, but I recall Shaun Lewis having several tackles for a loss. I think there were about 10-12 plays where the defense got a loss on the play.

Jit, Kennasaw: I didn't know that there was a JV game on Sunday but when I came Saturday many fans where spreading the word. Also many of my friends where eagered to come. Could we predict more Sunday games for free?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Jit, while playing on Sunday is nice, there is another team in town that plays on Sunday and it creates a little bit of a staffing problem for us on game days.

The rest of the home games will be played on Thursdays at 1 p.m.

Thel, Jacksonville: What defense preparation will JU consider to tackle Davidson?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Thel, that's a good question as Davidson has a very balanced attack.

They are a veteran group with several weapons and a senior quarterback.

Once again, the key for the defense is getting pressure on the QB and forcing him out of rhythm - similar to what we did Saturday.

The defense has really stepped up and made plays in every game thus far.

William Jones, Jacksonville: Will Nate Conner take some kick returns on Saturday? That guy has great vision, speed, and hands. We do not need anymore muffed footballs against Davidson.
Joel Lamp, Editor: William, thanks for joining us today.

If my memory serves me correctly, Nate was back deep on all of the kickoffs - they just kicked away from him.

And right now, it's hard to argue about Cameron Abdallah's performance. He's averaging more than 30 yards per return and is ranked in the top 20 nationally in the category.

That ain't too shabby.

Thomas (Jacksonville): Do you think that the success of the defense will rely on the depth they have at the thier positions, especially at linebacker?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Without a doubt, Thomas.

JU has 6 to 7 guys they can rotate on the d-line, a sack machine in Joey Rumph headlining the linebackers and some studs in the defensive backfield.

The defense is really starting to gel and I like what I've seen from this unit over the past six quarters.

Jon (Jax): What a game the football team played on Sat, while at the game I came to the conclusion that a stadium would at least double attendance, what do you think?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Jon, it can't hurt can it?

I can tell you that the plans for a new stadium are being drawn up. That's about all I can say right now, but you will be hearing more on that soon.

Sam (Jax): Joel...Who do you think has the hardest early season basketball season in town...Is it UNF or JU?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Sam, I've got believe JU has a harder schedule than UNF...if for no other reason that we play half of last year's Final Four within a week.

Coach Warren and his staff have built a very challenging schedule for the guys with the goal of being battle ready for conference play.

Remember, we played some really good teams last year - Florida, Texas A&M, Georgia and South Carolina - the latter two being close games late. All of which had us ready for our run in conference when the Dolphins took the No. 3 seed in the tournament.

A year older and a year wiser, this group will be able to use these games as a learning experience for something bigger.

Hal (Sacramento, Calif.): Since some of the fall teams starts conference play this week...who has the best chance of getting out to the best start?
Joel Lamp, Editor: A-Sun play has started for volleyball with the men's and women's soccer teams diving into the fray this week. Football also opens up its conference play against Davidson.

Who will get off to the best start? That's tough.

Women's soccer is on the road at ETSU and USC Upstate - two tough matches.

The men's team is at home against defending tourney champ Gardner-Webb and newcomer USC Upstate, which will be a good gauge of where this team can fit in the league standings.

Volleyball is at home as well, facing Kennesaw State and Mercer...two good teams that will push the Dolphins.

Of the three, volleyball has the best shot at getting off to a good start in my mind just because they have a history of hot starts in league play.

They went 2-1 this weekend, dropping a tough five-game match at ETSU. This team is making progress and I think this weekend's matches will give them a good idea of how they stack up in the league.

Mike (Arlington): I attended my first JU game on Saturday with my son and had a blast. I assume that was JU's fight song playing after each score. Do you know the words to the song off the top of your head? I want to learn it with my son so we can shout it this Saturday when we go again.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Mike, I'm glad you and your son had a blast. I've watched football around the country and we have unique atmosphere for a football weekend.

As for the words to the fight song, they are:

Fight on for Jacksonville
Set your sights upon the highest goal.
Cheer, cheer for Jacksonville,
As our Dolphin team begins to roll.
Yell for the green and gold,
Raise your banners high and give a roar
We will meet them
And we will defeat them
As we run up the winning score.

Joel Lamp, Editor: And with that, I leave you guys for another week. We look forward to seeing you at a JU event this weekend!