AT&T Presents the JUSN Weekly Chat
 AT&T Presents the JUSN Weekly Chat
Join editor Joel Lamp as he talks JU athletics at 4 p.m. on Monday after a 6-0 run through Atlantic Sun Conference play over the weekend. Feel free to leave your questions early as they will be answered starting at 4.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Hello everyone and welcome as AT&T presents the JUSN Weekly Chat.

An exciting weekend in Atlantic Sun action for JU as the Dolphins went 6-0.

Football had a tough loss to Davidson after holding a 10-0 lead at the half.

With that said, let's get on to your questions...

Sho Nuff: I saw the game and was wondering why Davidson threw the ball more than JU. Aren't Ju suppose to be a spread offense. Why isn't Ju using their biggest threats the receivers. Geavon Tribble and the other receivers had more yards in one game last year than they do in four. Tribble is the most exciting playmaker on the field and He is not being used correctly. Throw the ball down field to Tribble so He can make big plays like He did last year.Get the ball in the playmakers hands down field not ten yard comebacks.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Well, Geavon is second on the team in catches with 12, so it's hard to say that we're not getting him the ball enough.

One thing you have to remember is that we've only recruited to a spead offense for one season.

The change in the offense has turned our focus from run to setup the pass to a pass to setup the run.

Another note is that everyone knows that we've got good receivers and they are playing those guys tough. We've had some success in the running game the past two weeks because of strong line play and the attention to stopping the pass.

George, West Palm: Our midfield doesn't look dangerous since Greg Roytman left last year? Your thoughts on them still being scoreless?
Joel Lamp, Editor: George, thanks for the question about our men's soccer team.

One of the big things I've noticed in the two home games is that the midfield is more defensive oriented than the past two seasons, which has contributed to an increase in the win column.

They are doing a solid job of slowing our opponents down and creating opportunities for the forwards to do their job.

I'm not worried about them being scoreless because we've got some very capable guys on the front line handling that load right now.

DB (Philadelphia): Congrats on the Video Streaming coverage, it looks great. Do you have any plans to start airing an Update or Highlight show from the week?
Joel Lamp, Editor: DB, thanks for watching the video streaming channel (and now for a shameless plug)...We are really excited about being able to bring more JU events to fans around the world via ASun.TV and you can catch this weekend's women soccer matches live on the site.

Football fans will also be able to take in the game at Dayton through their

Jon (Jax): I know it's off in the future but what is your prediction for the baseball team next spring?
Joel Lamp, Editor: season is a long way off, but the reports are promising.

The coaching staff brought in their second straight top 40 recruiting class and the talented youngsters are going to push the returners for playing time.

The competition during fall ball will help get the team ready for the late start to the season at the end of February.

Jason (Ponte Vedra Beach): Joel...Will JU be doing something for midnight madness? If yes, when is it and where?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Right now, there are no plans for any Midnight Madness celebrations as both basketball coaches want to get on the floor as soon as possible to get started.

I know both programs are eager to get on the floor to see how they have improved in the offseason.

The season is still a month away, but it's going to be an exciting year I believe.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Well, that's it for this week.

Thanks again for all of your questions. I'll be heading up to Dayton on Saturday for the football game.

Both teams are coming off tough losses in the conference opener and can ill afford to drop to 0-2 in league play.

We'll see you again next week.