AT&T Presents the JUSN Weekly Chat
 AT&T Presents the JUSN Weekly Chat
Join editor Joel Lamp as JU celebrates its men's soccer championship and gets ready for basketball season - starting with an exhibition doubleheader on Friday at Swisher Gymnasium. The chat will begin at 5 p.m., but feel free to leave your questions prior to that as they will be answered then.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Welcome in as AT&T presents the JUSN Weekly Chat.

It was an exciting weekend in some aspects and disappointing in others.

First, kudos to the men's soccer team for clinching the first championship of the year with an impressive sweep in Nashville. JU went 7-2 in conference play and earned the No.1 seed a the upcoming A-Sun Tournament. Congrats on winning the title and good luck at the tournament.

The volleyball team also pulled out a 3-2 win over UNF, picking up a big point in the SunTrust River City Rumble. The win puts the Dolphins in position to face Florida Gulf Coast this weekend for the conference title.

The women's soccer team also sealed a spot in the A-Sun Tournament and will now look to defend their title from a year ago.

On the gridiron, it didn't go as well as the Dolphins gave up 42 unanswered points at Drake.

The first 25 minutes was some of the best football JU has played this season. The final 35 was far from it.

Now, on to your questions...

Sally: After listening to the last two games, I noticed that the other teams tight ends "ate our Lunch". I am wondering , with Kewins Bell's past history why he isn't utilizing his tight ends more?

Robert: Why in the world isn't Kerwin utilizing his tight ends more? It is obvious that the other teams know how to do this effectively!
Joel Lamp, Editor: Ok, a pair of questions about the tight ends use in the offense.

I wouldn't say that we're not using them, they just aren't open to get the ball to them. When we did have the tight ends in the ball game the past few weeks, our opponents have been covering them.

You also have to remember that JU goes into 4 and 5 receiver sets a lot and that decreases the opportunities for tight ends as well.

TLC: After a disappointing (2) game road trip, What is the game plan for the next (3) weeks? I am not seeing the offense I thought I would see with Bell being the type of quarterback he was and running the type of offense he did back in "his" day.
Joel Lamp, Editor: I know Coach Bell isn't pleased with the offense's performance either.

The offense that Coach has put in is much more complicated and intricate than what JU has run in the past.

Everything is based on timing - exact, precision timing. Every route has to be run to the exact yardage, every snap has to meet the proper drop back, the blocking scheme has a certain protection scheme - all of it has to be in sync for the offense to work.

We've had moments where the offense has really clicked, but we've also had some days where moving the ball has been a chore.

I'll be honest, I don't know what to expect over the final three weeks. Are we going to see the team that stepped up and beat Morehead State (who now controls its own destiny to win the PFL) or is it the one who gave 29 points in the third quarter to Drake?

I wish I knew the answer, but it will be interesting to see.

Jon (Jax): We will be losing a lot of seniors at the end of this football season, with this season not going very well do we any hopes for next year?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Jon, you're right about the Dolphins losing a lot of seniors at the end of the season. I believe their will be 10 Dolphins playing their final games the next three weeks.

Those guys have given everything to the program and while this season has been disappointing, this group of seniors will hopefully be looked upon as the guys who created the foundation for future success.

I know we're going to lose some very talented and experienced players. The younger guys will have to step up as they will be looked upon to fill some big shoes.

Joel Lamp, Editor: Well, that's it for your questions this week. Thanks to everyone for sending them in this week and I look forward to an exciting weekend of JU athletics as basketball season tips off on Friday.