AT&T Presents the JUSN Weekly Chat
Join editor Joel Lamp as AT&T Presents the JUSN Weekly Chat.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Good afternoon everyone and welcome as AT&T presents the JUSN Weekly Chat.

It's been a while since I last sat down to answer your questions...but first some thoughts about what's happening right now.

Basketball season is off to a strong start as the men's team is 3-1 and the women's team is 4-2.

I really like what I've seen so far from both teams, but they still have a lot of room for improvement to contend for the title.

The fall season has come to an end. Kudos to the men's soccer team for claiming the A-Sun regular season title before a heartbreaking loss in penalty kicks (why do you take a team sport and turn it into an individual competition to decide the result? That would be like taking a basketball game tied after two overtime and turning it into a free throw shooting contest). Also, three cheers for the volleyball team and their strong run to the A-Sun championship game.

Football season is over as well and the Dolphins finished the year with a 3-8 record - which is not what everyone had in mind when the season began. Looking back at the campaign, the Dolphins were in every game but two - Dayton and San Diego (who finished as co-champions of the PFL).

Now, on to your questions...

Jacksonville: Why don't we try Cohn at SG?
Joel Lamp, Editor: That's an interesting thought and it is one that Coach Warren has used several times in the last three games. Travis brings a different set of tools to the floor than Andre, which makes them both valuable at the position.

Zach (Jacksonville): What can we expect from the dolphins on their upcoming road-trip to play against two national powers Michigan State, and Florida? Will we even be competitive?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Zach...great question. I'll be hitting the road on Friday to go to the frozen white north of Michigan State for Saturday's game before we come back for Florida on Monday.

That is tough enough, but then we hit the road on Thursday to face American and Georgetown in Washington D.C. over the next weekend.

These are the games that try men souls an author once said. It will be interesting to see how our guys respond to the hostile environment on the road against top 25 teams.

I was impressed with what I saw over the final 20 minutes against UAB. We had a bad last six minutes of the first half and that killed us.

Jacob, Jacksonville: I like the energy on the court when both ladies Virginia and Ashley are scoring 20+. It seems that every game has been won by a large margin as well when that occurs. What's has Coach Dunn changed this year to ensure this happens every game?
Joel Lamp, Editor: You are right...when Ashley and Virginia are on the floor there is a lot of energy out there.

When they are both scoring more than 20 a game, it is usually a big win for JU like you said. But the problem is when they both don't score 20, what happens?

I like what Coach Dunn has done with this program over the past three years. They have an excellent group of young ladies that have the ability to do some things this program has never accomplished.

Wednesday is going to be a great game against Florida and I encourage all of you to come out as the ladies take on Florida at the Arena.

orange park: How does Nate Conner lead the PFL in punt return ave. and be 14th in the country in punt return ave. and not make first or second team as a return specialist?
Joel Lamp, Editor: That is a great that I wish I could answer.

Nate had a phenomenal year returning punts for us and it is a shame that he won't be wearing the green and gold next year...almost as big a shame as being excluded as a return specialist.

The one thing that is a draw back from his candidacy is that he didn't return kickoffs like several other PFLers who returned both.

Dave, Jacksonville: Our ladies basketball team has been operating on a projected NCAA tournament level. Will Coach Dunn look to playing more ranked opponents for the development of our future?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Dave, a good question and one that I think Coach Dunn and her staff will evaluate at the end of the season.

Obviously you want to give your team a chance to succeed, but you also have to build the schedule in a way to develop the team.

This year's team has faced some tough tests in going on the road to UCF and playing in the East Carolina tournament.

This year, we're playing Florida and Miami, so it will be interesting to see where the schedule leads us next year.

Rick, Jacksonville: Now that the first Kerwin-era football season is over, will the staff look at the roster and change for 2008 success. I believe that JU football team had some players to win a championship.
Joel Lamp, Editor: I think you're going to be hard pressed to find somebody say that we don't have the players to contend for a PFL title.

But, to steal a phrase from Coach Bell, we are what we are.

Next season is going to be interesting. JU loses two of its top receivers (Conner, Jenner), starting quarterback (Horton), a three-year starter at guard (Locander), two starters on the defensive line (Pierce, Salary), a playmaking linebacker (Rumph) and 3/4 of the starting secondary (Mills, Flowers and Maxime).

So, with that said, who is going to fill those holes? We had some guys show some flashes during the season, but not on a consistent basis.

This spring is going to be very important for everyone of the players to develop for next season.

Mark, JAX: Please tell coach Warren to recruit guards that can shoot the ball and JU will do fine. We need players to hit some 3 pointers. College b-ball is run by guards.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Coach Warren and his staff have guys that can shoot from outside...they just haven't been able to hit yet.

One of the biggest things I've seen since coming to JU is how streaky outside shooters are. They are lot like golfers - if they are confident putting, everything goes in. If not, they can't buy a putt.

Our guys are in a similar situation right now. I'm not worried because I know it's a slump and they will come out of it eventually...they have to just by the law of averages.

One of the things that impresses me is that we've been able to win games without strong outside shooting. We are finding ways to win right now, which is a great confidence booster for a team when they get into conference play.

Jake, Tallahasse: Will the basketball staff try and match more of their games together this year? I believe double-headers are much more successful than singles.
Joel Lamp, Editor: Jake, you're in luck because there will be several doubleheaders when we get into league play this spring.

I for one am all for doubleheaders. It gives fans of both teams an easier chance to watch them at once instead of having to come back on multiple nights (it is also great from a work standpoint so we don't have to work four nights in a row like we have in the past).

Just shoot an e-mail to anyone that will hear you about how you like doubleheaders!

Wade Jacksonville: Is Duggins hurt?
Joel Lamp, Editor: Wade - Derek Duggins suffered an injury during preseason practice and is slowly coming back. You won't see him until January at the earliest is what I've been told.
Joel Lamp, Editor: That's it for this week. Thanks again for sending in all of your questions.

We'll be skipping next Monday as I will be en route to Gainesville for the Dolphins game against Florida...but we'll be back in two weeks to digest of the comings and goings around campus.