Rowing gets good results in tri-meet with Emory and Stetson
Despite blustery winds on the St. John’s River, the JU rowing teams completed an eventful scrimmage with Emory and Stetson on Saturday morning to help gauge the progress of their boats heading into Spring Break Training.

“The wind and water conditions were less than desirable today but I thought our crews handled the conditions well,” said JU director of rowing Jim Mitchell. “It was nice to line up next to other teams and we are all looking forward to taking that into our Spring Break Training Camp this week. Although rough, there was some good racing today and it was a pleasure to host Emory and Stetson for some early season racing.”

In the opening race, the JU Men’s Varsity 8 finished first with a 6:49.0 ahead of Emory Varsity 8 (7:00.9), JU Men’s Second Varsity 8 (7:15.3), JU Men’s Freshman 8 (7:16.9) and Emory Second Varsity 8 (7:37.8).

In the second race, the JU Women’s Varsity 8 placed first with a time of 8:15.0 ahead of the JU Women’s Second Varsity 8 (8:39.7), Emory Varsity 8 (8:47.6) and Stetson Lightweight 8 (9:14.7).

“The conditions were a little crazy but all the athletes handled themselves well and were excellent ambassadors for JU with Emory and Stetson,” said JU women’s head coach Kris Muhl. “The results were good and the rowers should be pleased. We have been working on starts and are trying something that none of us have done before. The athletes (coxswains and rowers) have caught on rapidly and today the boats got off the start quickly and were able to execute the race plans, even with the rough conditions.”

In race three, the JU Men’s Novice 4 “A” placed first with a mark of 8:34.0 ahead of Emory Novice 4 (8:40.7), JU Men’s Novice 4 “B” (9:15.9) and Stetson Novice 4 (9:47.3).

In the fourth race, Emory Men’s Varsity 4 “A” took first with a time of 7:28.0 ahead of JU Men’s Varsity 4 (7:36.6), Stetson Men’s Varsity 4 (7:43.7) and Emory Men’s Varsity 4 “B” (9:03.7).

In the fifth race, the JU Women’s Varsity 4 “A” placed first with a mark of 8:37.0 ahead of Emory Varsity 4 (9:02.4), Stetson Women’s Varsity 4 “B” (9:06.2), JU Varsity 4 “B” (9:25.2) and Stetson Women’s Varsity 4 “A” (10:10.5).

In the sixth race, the JU Women’s Novice 4 finished ahead of Emory Women’s Novice 4 while the Stetson Women’s Novice 4 did not start.

“For their first-ever sprint race, the novice women faced very challenging wind, water and racing conditions that affected even more experienced crews,” said JU women’s novice coach Stephanie Metz. “Despite that, they executed their race plan, which is a great indicator of the mental focus that they bring to training every day. They are a very spirited group, but know when it’s time to get down to business and did a great job of that today, both on the water and off as hosts for our visiting crews. “

The final race with a second run of Varsity 8’s was not completed due to increasing winds and choppy conditions.

After Spring Break Training, the Dolphins will return to the water on March 20 as JU competes in the Mayor’s Cup in Tampa.