SUNDAY, MARCH 21, 2010
Rowing wins team trophy at Tampa Mayor’s Cup
The Dolphins were looking to measure their progress after a week of Spring Break Training and apparently the bar has already been set high from the outset as the JU rowing teams medaled all 13 boats while winning the overall team trophy on Saturday at the Tampa Mayor’s Cup on the Tampa Bypass Canal.

Among JU’s 13 entries, eight boats placed first (Women’s Varsity 8, Men’s Varsity 8, Men’s Freshman 8, Women’s Varsity 4, Men’s Varsity 4, Women’s Junior Varsity 4, Men’s Junior Varsity 4, Women’s Freshman 4) to win the overall team trophy with 61 points compared to 23 by Florida and 19 for Hamilton College.

“Every member of our team that raced earned a medal today for a total team effort,” said JU director of rowing Jim Mitchell. “Our men’s and women’s team represented Jacksonville University with class and are proud to bring home the Mayor’s Cup for the second year in a row.”

“The team had an outstanding performance,” said JU women’s head coach Kris Muhl. “After a week of intense spring break training, the shorter course at the Mayor’s Cup was a good opportunity to see what the team accomplished. They way they raced, in contrast with the outcome – even though that was fantastic, showed that the training proved beneficial. We’ll see some of these teams again on a longer course, which means there is more time and distance for things to happen. This race was a good stepping stone for us to continue to move forward and improve for the next round of racing at the Murphy Cup.”

“I am very proud of how the men rowed and how they raced,” Mitchell said. “This was a good opportunity to practice the proper execution of our race plans. Everyone’s legs are tired from a tough spring break training camp, but they pushed through the fatigue as one must do in a rowing race. We still have a lot of work to do, and as long as we only see these results as a starting point, we will have a good year.”

The Women’s Novice 8 consisting of coxswain Savannah Rice, Cassie MacLellan, Adrienne Santos, Mary Irvin, Whitney Mathews, Molly Dutilly, Ivy Hartley, Romina Delfina and Allison Pecaut earned a bronze with a 6:05.8, behind USF (5:57.9) and Hamilton College (6:03.5) but ahead of UTC Rowing (6:23.7), Florida “B” (6:32.9) and Florida “A” (6:38.6).

The Men’s Freshman 8 with coxswain Emma Allen, Adrian Perez-Siam, Jake Ruffolo, Art Pareene, Greg VanOekel, Bernard Vingilis, Brian Tye, Pat Mahon and Evan Schnitker took gold with a time of 4:54.5, ahead of Florida (5:03.5), UTC Rowing “A” (5:28.8) and UTC Rowing “B” (5:58.8).

The Women’s Junior Varsity 8 consisting of coxswain Jamie Goldstein, Emily Close, Abby Sierigk, Jamie Dunlap, Karly Greer, Morgan McTiernan, Ivy Hartley, Mary Irvin and Allison Pecaut finished second with a 5:39.7 behind Florida (5:33.9) but ahead of Hamilton College (5:46.0).

The Women’s Varsity 8 with coxswain Michaela Kachadoorian, Allison Sobiech, Danielle Fournier, Kelly Burke, Jill Carmody, Jenna Barker, Marina Arishina, Jenna Manis and Mary Mosier placed first with a mark of 5:12.3 ahead of Florida (5:16.8), Hamilton College (5:23.0), Stetson (5:28.3) and UTC Rowing (5:34.8).

The Men’s Varsity 8 “A” with coxswain Andrew Soloway, Andy Davis, Dylan Kosten, Erich Negaard, Sebastian Kuhn, Issac LaCount, Isaiah, LaCount, Tyler Humphrey and John Gerety finished first with a mark of 4:27.9. The Men’s Varsity 8 “B” with coxswain Tom Richards, Rich Kelly, Kevin Friedlander, Wayne Reichard, Chris Ottie, Tucker Smoot, Parker Lawler, Luke Bauman and Nick Spitzer placed second with a 4:35.9 ahead of Florida (4:38.2), Colgate (4:46.9), Hamilton College (5:00.2).

“Although all of our boats raced well, the race that impressed me the most was the Varsity Men’s 8,” Mitchell said. “Our first Eight led from the start and rowed powerful and clean with nobody even close. Our second 8 battled against Florida all down the course and pulled away at the end to finish only behind our first boat. These guys raced hard and should be proud of the fact that they beat all of the other first Eights.”

The Women’s Novice 4 consisting of coxswain Savannah Rice, Cassie MacLellan, Whitney Mathews, Molly Dutilly and Adrienne Santos earned gold with a 6:11.9, ahead of Hamilton College (6:16.7), USF (6:20.7), Florida (6:26.4), Tampa (6:30.2) and UTC Rowing (7:15.2).

The Men’s Novice 4 “A” with coxswain Sarah Moore, Evan Schnitker, Andrew Lippert, Korkies Cabrera and Jesse Brantman earned silver with a mark of 5:34.7, behind Colgate (5:20.5). The Men’s Novice 4 “B” consisting of coxswain Emma Allen, John Chambers, Charles Cooke, Brian Tye and Michael Esposito took bronze with a time of 5:38.0, ahead of Stetson (5:41.3), USF (5:49.8), Florida (5:53.1) and Tampa (5:54.0).

The Women’s Junior Varsity 4 consisting of coxswain Carolyn Barquist, Emily Close, Abby Sierigk, Jamie Dunlap and Karly Greer placed first with a time of 5:52.9, ahead of Florida (6:11.1) and Hamilton College (6:17.5).

The Men’s Junior Varsity 4 with coxswain Anthony Magro, Rich Kelly, Kevin Friedlander, Wayne Reichard and Parker Lawler also finished first with a time of 5:02.9 over Hamilton College (5:14.3).

The Women’s Varsity 4 with coxswain Leigh Taylor, Jenna Manis, Jill Carmody, Jenna Barker and Danielle Fournier took home gold with a mark of 5:31.2, ahead of Hamilton College (5:37.3), Florida (5:37.5), Stetson “A” (5:41.2), Stetson “B” (6:03.2) and Tampa (6:13.3).

The Men’s Varsity 4 with coxswain Dan Moore, Erich Negaard, Sebastian Kuhn, Tyler Humphrey and Dylan Kosten wrapped things up with the final JU gold medal with a time of 4:50.9, ahead of Colgate (4:59.2), Stetson (5:06.8), Florida (5:10.4), UTC Rowing (5:20.3), Tampa (5:22.0) and Hamilton College (5:26.6).

The Dolphins will next compete in the Murphy Cup on April 3 in Philadelphia.